Golf is Good Campaign Video

Recently, Welborn Media created a video to share that Golf is Good. Take a look!

Welborn Media creates high quality videos to share your passion. Take a look at some examples of our video production, click here.

Zeb has served on the Advisory Board of the California Golf Course Owners Association since 2017. The CGCOA helps golf course owners provide a thriving recreational facility for the local community. Here at Welborn Media we love golf and we love the work the CGCOA does for golf in California.

Here’s what Marc Connerly, Executive Director for the California Golf Course Owners Association, had to say:

The work that Welborn Media performed in producing the “Golf is Good” video on behalf of the California Golf Course Owners Association (CGCOA) was outstanding. Zeb Welborn and his production team did a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of CGCOA’s Golf is Good message and translating that message into a premium quality, highly professional and eye-catching video that perfectly articulates the value and benefits of the game of golf. The finished product far exceeded our expectations, and we are so proud to share the video thanks to Welborn Media’s wonderful work.

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Some Background
Last year the CGCOA launched a campaign called Golf is Good to help highlight the great things golf can bring to people, the environment and local communities.

At Welborn Media we took it upon ourselves to create a video to help share the cause. The video is receiving national exposure for the CGCOA and helping tell the story of how Golf is Good in California.

Did you know that California’s golf courses are a valuable asset to local communities and the state? Click here to learn more.

The Yearly Top Ten: Welborn Media’s 2020 Recap

Every December we look back on the past year to point out things we accomplished, remind ourselves of all we’ve done, and also share with you some things we worked on throughout the year.

While 2020 was challenging for many, including us, we still have much to be grateful for.

Here are our 10 favorite things that happened to us in 2020.

#10 – Video Content

We are excited about the video content we produced in 2020 and are extremely excited to offer more video content production in 2021. These high-quality videos are used to tell customer stories, establish brand credibility and make businesses look good. Take a look at some of the videos we produced in 2020 and see if you’d like us to produce videos for you in 2021.

Click here to see some amazing videos – Welborn Media Videos

#9 – Website Management

We’ve performed website management as an added service for years, but now we are providing this service for more businesses than ever. Welborn Media Website Management can take care of your domain registration, hosting, website design, site security, regular backups, website updates and much more.

Clients love that when they need a change to their website they can just call Lacey. Learn more about our website management, click here.

#8 – Zeb’s Speaking Engagements

In 2020, Zeb continued to speak at conferences and workshops throughout the Western United States. This year, Zeb spoke in numerous workshops with San Bernardino County Workforce Development, the Southern California Professional Golf Association, was a keynote speaker at the California Placement Association’s Annual Conference and, of course, the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Zeb has gained a reputation for providing practical information that attendees can apply to their business immediately while also being entertaining and friendly. Zeb’s speaking engagements and workshops are always highly rated.

Learn more about Zeb’s Speaking and check out some of his reviews, click here.

#7 – Golf is Good

Zeb serves on the Advisory Board of the California Golf Course Owners Association. The CGCOA has worked to initiate a campaign to help highlight the great things golf can bring to people, the environment and local communities.

We took it upon ourselves to help create a video highlighting the great things golf does in a Golf is Good campaign video. The video is receiving national exposure for the CGCOA and helping tell the story of how Golf is Good in California.

#6 – Chamber Golf Tournament

For the past five years, Zeb and a team of volunteers have planned the Southern California Charity Golf Classic. This year, they transitioned the SCCGC to the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament. We are pleased to announce that the tournament was sold out and our participants enjoyed socially distanced golf on a beautiful day and a virtual banquet that included golf commentary from their round provided by a true Scotsman.

#5 – Zeb Surprised at Zoom Meeting

This year Zeb ran Zoom meetings to replace the usual Business@Breakfast events put on by the chamber. The events provide education for local business persons and a chance to network.

At one of the meetings many of the attendees collaborated to surprise Zeb with recognition and awards for his efforts to help strengthen the local business community during the Coronavirus pandemic. He, and the Chino Valley Chamber, received honors from:

  • U.S. Representative Gil Cisneros (California’s 39th Congressional District)
  • U.S. Representative Norma Torres (California’s 35th Congressional District)
  • the California State Legislature
  • County Supervisor Curt Hageman
  • Senator Ling Ling Chang
  • City of Chino Mayor Eunice Ulloa
  • City of Chino Hills City Manager Ben Montgomery
  • The Chino Valley Chamber Board of Directors & Ambassador Team
  • and many more

Hearing from so many people and organizations that his hard work makes a difference, Zeb was overwhelmed and full of gratitude.

The surprise starts at about the 35 minute mark:

#4 – New Clients

We added many new clients this year. We are always grateful and thrilled to work with new people to help them grow their business using digital marketing. For those of you that became new clients this year … thank you! We love working with you and look forward to continuing to work together for years to come.

#3 – San Bernardino County Business Consulting

With the County of San Bernardino Workforce Development Department, Welborn Media has had the amazing opportunity to help local businesses who need help avoiding company layoffs and growing their business. We love this program as it gives us the opportunity to teach many businesses on digital marketing and also allows us to consult directly with five businesses a year to help them grow and maintain their workforce. We are grateful for the chance to help even more passionate business owners in San Bernardino County.

#2 – Outstanding Citizen of the Year

Champion Newspapers named Zeb Welborn the Outstanding Citizen of the Year. They said, “Mr. Welborn was chosen for his work helping struggling local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.” Read the article, click here.

#1 – Hello Leonardo!

On Halloween Eve in 2020, we met Leonardo!

Zeb and Cindy welcomed their baby boy into the world. His siblings Sebastain and Elena were excited to meet their new baby brother. Leonardo is a sweet, alert baby much loved by his entire extended family.

Welborn Media Top Ten of 2018

Every year Welborn Media likes to take a look back on the past year to reflect on the year we had and to plan for the year ahead. We always create a top 10 list as we celebrate another year in business. Here is our Top 10 for 2018!

10. University Club of Pasadena

If this year had a theme for our business it may have been about membership organizations. This year we took advantage of several opportunities to work with local membership organizations including the University Club of Pasadena. Our ability to help improve the impact these organizations have as well as increase membership has been noticed. The University Club of Pasadena is a social and business networking club with a beautiful home base facility that is also a desirable event venue.

9. Speaking Engagements

This year Zeb Welborn continued delivering presentations to business owners across Southern California. He spoke more than a dozen times in Southern California with the San Bernardino Workforce Development Board, the City of West Covina, the University Club of Pasadena, the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and more!

8. Shots in the Dark at Indian Wells Golf Resort

NextLinks – one of our most interesting and innovative clients – had a phenomenal year which includes the opening of a first-of-it’s-kind facility, Shots in the Night, at Indian Wells Golf Resort. The NextLinks Putting Green Experience allows golfers and non-golfers of all ages to play different golf inspired games together in a fun social environment. The experience has been commended for staying true to golf while also attracting new people to the game who maybe wouldn’t have tried it before.

7. Moving Websites

Welborn Media works on several websites and we fully manage and host about a dozen more. This year we tackled the challenge of moving all those websites to a new virtual private server. This move gives our websites better security and more opportunities for performance optimization.

6. Southern California Charity Golf Classic

We had another amazing year with the Southern California Charity Golf Classic at Los Serranos Country Club on June 29, 2018 as we raised $13,225.97 for local charities in our community.

5. Joined the Advisory Council for the CGCOA

If you’ve followed Zeb Welborn for any amount of time then you probably know about his love for golf. We even run 19th Hole Media, to provide social media tools and management to golf courses in Southern California and beyond. This year Zeb’s love of golf and enthusiasm to grow the game has earned him a spot on the Advisory Council for the California Golf Course Owners Association.

4. PR Chair for Rotary District 5300

Rotary International District 5300 covers Southern Nevada, the High Desert, Antelope Valley and more areas of Southern California. In June, Zeb Welborn was announced as the Public Relations/Social Media Chair. Zeb has met some wonderful people who are doing great things through Rotary District 5300. He’s also had some amazing experiences including attending the Rotary Peace Conference.

3. Rotary Club of Chino

Zeb Welborn finished up his term as the President of the Rotary club and passed on the role to Chris Foster. During his year as President of the Chino Rotary Club the club grew their membership from 14 to 26 members, the fastest growing Rotary club in District 5300 for the 2017/2018 year. Our club raised nearly $30,000 through our Dinner & Auction and gave back more than $30,000 to our community. Members of the Chino Rotary Club helped secure close to $1,000,000 to help support various causes throughout the world. We helped secure $600,000 for a water project in Honduras; several hundred thousand for Rotary Project Hope, a program to teach leadership programs in Mexico and a $61,000 scholarship for Anna Casalme to attend the University of Edinburgh for Childhood Studies. District 5300 also honored us with the Governor’s Bell Award for the most outstanding small club in our Rotary District.

2. Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce

Welborn Media has been involved with the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce since almost the beginning of our business. Zeb Welborn has been very active at the chamber and has been a member of the board, then Chairman of the Board and now he’s taken on the role of Executive Director. Since Zeb has taken the helm the organization has seen drastic increases in event participation and attendance (up 29%), sponsorship (added 5 major sponsors) and membership (added 60 members).

1. Elena

Elena Welborn-De La Torre was born on July 5, 2019. She is such a happy baby and it’s apparent that she is also full of love for her brother, Sebastian and parents, Zeb and Cindy. No doubt she will grow into an amazing passionate person.

New Video to Promote Local Business DLT Growers

New Video Promotes DLT Growers

For this project Zeb Welborn teamed up with CP Phan and Arianna Fajardo. They worked together with DLT Growers to create a video promoting their new offering: Dwarf Carpet of Stars, also known as Ruschia Nana.

Zeb’s Father-in-Law is the owner of DLT Growers, a ground cover nursery in Chino/Ontario. He discovered the potential for Dwarf Carpet of Stars to be used as a lawn substitute. After propagating the plant and testing samples it became clear that this plant is simply the best living choice for water conscious landscapers and homeowners. It’s better than grass. It stays green year-round, requires limited maintenance, is drought-tolerant and looks amazing.

If you know any landscapers, construction companies or developers who would be interested in checking out this new drought-tolerant plant please let me know. Reply to this email or contact Zeb on Twitter or Facebook or at

If you would like a video created for your business let us know! We loved working on this project and already have plans to do more.

Identifying Your Target Audience

Integral to any marketing plan is a clearly defined target audience. The target audience helps you determine your approach, your messaging, and your distribution. Read this article then download the free worksheet at the bottom of this post to help define your target audience.

A common mistake is targeting too broad a selection of people. We understand the desire to want everyone to know about your business, but it can get you into trouble.

Poor Marksmanship

When you have a broad message you are just another fish in the overcrowded sea of marketing messages. Your marketing needs to attract attention which is a difficult thing to do when every other business is aiming to do the same thing. So don’t dilute your marketing message. By narrowing your target market you can zero in on what would appeal specifically to those people and that will help you get noticed.

In addition to standing out, your message also has to resonate with viewers to have any hope of compelling the desired action and it’s much easier to determine what will resonate when you have a specific group of people.

The other problem is money. Your advertising dollars are precious. When utilized to their full potential you can maximize your return and experience terrific success. When you try to reach too many people much of your budget will go to waste on those who are least likely to convert.

Think about it as if you are selling your products or services in person and groups of people are walking by. You don’t have the option to approach everyone. So, you prioritize and try to engage the people who appear most similar to your current customers. You realize that if you put your efforts towards engaging those who appear less likely to use your products/services you will miss out on sales.

Buyer Personas

Many businesses need to develop a multi-faceted target audience. Maybe your business has different products and services to meet different people’s needs. This is a situation where creating buyer personas can be helpful.

We work with Scott Goodwin Associates (SGA), a company that provides training for firefighters. They have a handful products that meet different needs: entry level firefighter bootcamp for those who are interested in becoming a firefighter, promotional bootcamp for current firefighters who want a promotion, and training for individuals or entire departments to improve fire command and communication. Each of these products has a different buyer persona: the entry-level bootcamp skews to a younger audience, the promotional bootcamp we can narrow down by job title, and the training program targets everyone currently in the fire service.

The overall target audience includes everyone in the fire service and people who are looking to join the fire service. We can execute marketing pieces and aim to reach all of those people. We can also use the buyer personas to create specific marketing pieces that showcase an individual product and distribute it to only that segment of the target audience. We like to do some of both.

Hitting a Bullseye

Try to think of a specific person and cater your message to them. What are their needs, wants, fears and desires? What message will appeal directly to them? Determining that is the hard part. Once you know who this person is other decisions become easy.

How will you reach them?

You can target an audience based on several factors including location, gender, age, income level, job title, interests, search history, website visits, connections, current customer status, social media engagement, and more. Ask yourself where do these people spend their time? Do they search on Google, scroll through Facebook, or examine their junk mail? How do they make their purchasing decisions?

Traditional Marketing Methods often let you target based on location, gender, age and income level. Sometimes they also can be used to target a general interest. Digital marketing can give you more ways to refine your audience — things like job title, keyword searches, web history, specific interests, online behavior, and engagement level.

Define Your Target Audience

Now you have a good understanding of why defining your target audience is important and how it can help you determine your approach, messaging, and distribution. Download our Target Audience/Buyer Persona Worksheet to help you zero in on your target:


[goal id=”3649″]


Examine your customer base and think of one specific person who can act as an avatar to represent your typical customer or client. If you need to, create separate buyer personas that represent your different products or services.

Now that you understand your target audience, you’ve completed one of the most important parts of your marketing plan. Use the target audience to help you make decisions regarding the rest of your marketing plan including messaging, content strategy, distribution, budget and more.

Need help developing an online marketing plan for your business? Check out our limited offer: Zeb Welborn’s One-on-One 1-Day Marketing Plan



March at Chino Rotary: Dan Stover Music Contest, Sweet Cases Program Volunteer Event, First Craft Talk and More

Sweet Cases for Together We Rise by the Chino Rotary Club and CP PhanIn March, the Chino Rotary Club hosted the annual Dan Stover Music Contest. We had some great contestants and identified a winner who will be moving onto the next round of the music contest. Hopefully we will see him at the District Conference.

CP Phan did a great job planning for the month of March. Thanks to CP, we were able to participate in the Sweet Cases Program by Together We Rise. Through their program we decorated duffel bags for foster kids with a teddy bear, hygiene kit and blanket.

Chino Rotary Club GolfingWe hosted our Meet & Greet where we met at Los Serranos Country Club. Some of us took some time to hit some golf balls while all of us discussed membership and trying to increase our membership between now and the end of the year. All of us committed to inviting a guest got every meeting from now until the end of June. Looking forward to growing Chino Rotary membership between now and the end of the fiscal year.
Lastly, we hosted our first of a series of Craft Talks. Our first craft talk went to Melinda Robbins and Jon Monroe who shared some exciting insights into how they got where they are today. We learned so much about Melinda and Jon. They both set a great precedent for the future of our Chino Rotary Club craft talks.

In April we have a lot coming up including Stepping Up for Boys, the District Conference, the Debbie Wilson Teacher Mini-Grants, more craft talks and an update on Arianna Fajardo and her little sister from the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program.

We also have a lot to celebrate as JV Cuasito and Narvee Intarachote welcomed new children into the world. Zeb Welborn and Chris Foster are not far behind with children due in July and August.

Welborn Media’s Top 10 of 2017 – Business, Passion, Golf, Education, Family & Community Service

Another year has flown by! At the end of each year we like to reflect back on the year we had. It’s become a tradition to do a top ten each year. When we sit down and think about how we started it feels amazing to acknowledge how far we’ve come.

Here is our top ten from 2017!

#10 GolfChat

A few years ago Zeb Welborn started #GolfChat, a twitter chat for golf fans and golfers.Who knew it would grow on to become its own wonderful little corner of the internet. #GolfChat took place every Tuesday on Twitter at 5PM PST with the help of @golfbandwagoner and @ConnectGolf. If you’re invested in golf, you should join us in 2018.

The chat has sparked some great conversations and debates prompting the establishment of #GolfChat Authors. #GolfChat Authors have contributed articles on golf to give their thoughts and opinions on ways to improve golf. #GolfChat is the place for knowledgable and thoughtful golf experts to share their insights on the golf industry. Check out GolfChat Authors, Click Here.

One of the highlights of the year was having Ron Sirak, award winning golf writer and, Brandel Chamblee, analyst at the Golf Channel, jump into the chat. Looking to make 2018 another great year for #GolfChat.

#9 A Company Visit to Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a beautiful city on the beach. This year we worked the Santa Barbara’s Parks and Recreation department to promote their events and facilities.

We made the trip to Santa Barbara to shoot some video and take pictures of the venues throughout the city of Santa Barbara. We were so lucky as the weather was perfect and the venues came out looking great.

Here’s one of the videos we did about the Historic Carrillo Ballroom at the Carrillo Recreation Center.

Part of the fun of our job is some of the new exciting opportunities that get presented to us. Spending several days in Santa Barbara was definitely a highlight.

We love Santa Barbara and wish the city and all its citizens a fast recovery from the Thomas Fire.

#8 Helping Passionate People Become More Successful

This year we’ve continued working with some amazing clients and started working for others.

It’s always exciting to start working with a new client. Hearing about their business and their passion for what they do always helps to energize us in the work we do.

This year we worked with Eye Eco, Scott Goodwin Associates, DI Solutions, Los Serranos Country Club, Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, NextLinks, GoodFaith Medical Transportation Inc., Co., Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation, Village Greens of Woodridge Golf Club, Beckett Tires, Anaheim Hills Golf Club, Realtor Lyle Ballard, Town Square Florist, Riverwalk Golf Course, Bernardo Heights, San Bernardino County, Indian Wells, Anaheim Hills Golf Course, Dad Miller Golf Course, Being True to You, Benham Advertising, Cinnabar Hills Golf Club, CORE Real Estate, CrossCreek Golf Club, Desert Island Golf & Country Club, Integrity Cremations, Intensity Security, KKW Trucking, Konvert Golf Marketing, Lettuce Wok N Roll, Oke Poke Claremont, OoMaLoo, Paul Cushing Turf Professional, REALiTEE Golf, Robinson Ranch Golf Course, Bernardo Heights Country Club, Servpro Chino/Chino Hills, Steve Pennington, Strawberry Farms Golf Club, Tony’s Truck Shades and Dale Bright Auto Center to name a few.

Thank you to everyone who worked with us in 2017.

#7 The Social Golf Course in Scotland & Viral Golf Videos

No one has been more supportive of us and this business than our parents. They are the best! This year they had some wonderful adventures including a trip to the very heart and soul of golf, Scotland. They brought copies of the book The Social Golf Course written by Zeb Welborn and delivered the book to key individuals at St. Andrews, Royal Dornack, Brora and Elie.

It’s great to see The Social Golf Course at the Home of Golf.

Viral Golf Videos:

Two golf videos we created this year went viral. One was a video of Zeb Welborn interviewing John Powell about his world record-breaking round of golf where he shot 22 strokes under his age.

John Powell’s video was picked up by several major golf publishers throughout the country and he got lots more publicity for his remarkable accomplishment.

It was great helping get John Powell be recognized, he loved the attention he got from our video.

The second viral video was an interview I had with Bruce Loman, one of the first members of the Callaway Golf team. He’s seen Callaway become one of the biggest brands in golf and he shared the story regarding his experience with the company.

The interview came about purely by chance as Bruce recognized me coming off the 18th Hole at Strawberry Farms Golf Club. He was open to doing an interview right then and there.

#6 Sponsored Scott Goodwin Associates Firefighter Training Program

Scott Goodwin Associates provides the best online firefighter training for fire departments across the country. This year they launched a new program to allow individuals, groups and businesses to sponsor tactical simulation training for firefighters and fire departments across the country.

Welborn Media got the unique opportunity to sponsor the Corpus Christi fire department. A sponsorship valued at over $165,000. We even got some airtime on the local news station. Read about it here: Fire Department Receives Training Donation

And see our news coverage here: CCFD Receives Donation of $165,000 Training Service


#5 Southern California Charity Golf Classic

The 3rd Annual Southern California Charity Golf Classic was held at Los Serranos Golf Club on July 29.

This year we raised $14,401.87 and brought the total amount raised for local charities (since we started) to over $33,000. Thank you to everyone who organized, sponsored, donated and played in the SCCGC!


Zeb Welborn inducted as the 2017/2018 Chino Rotary Club President with his son Sebastian Welborn-De La Torre looking up to him.#4 Rotary Club President

When Zeb assumed the role of Rotary Club president he saw a big opportunity. Rotary which is known for doing good both in the community and around the globe is an organization that younger professionals would want to be a part of if they just knew more about it. Since Zeb has taken the help of the Chino Rotary they have seen record growth that will continue in 2018.

Learn more about what we’ve been able to accomplish with the Chino Rotary Club in 2017.


#3 Zeb Welborn Speaking Engagements

Zeb has a passion for education by helping others understand how to more effectively promote their business and making the world a better place.

This year we spoke at events hosted by San Bernardino County Workforce Development, Inland Empire Small Business Development Center, Rotary clubs, local Chambers of Commerce, the California Golf Course Owners Association, and the Arizona and Nevada Chapters of the National Golf Course Owners Association.

Zeb Welborn's Speech on the Impact and Influence of Social Media on Peace Building at the Rotary District 5300 Peace Conference at the Huntington Library28th Annual Rotary International District 5300 Peace Conference

On October 21, Zeb was invited to speak at the 28th Annual Rotary International District 5300 Peace Conference on the Impacts and Uses of Social Media on Peace Building.

The engagement was very well-received and Zeb Welborn has since been invited to attend the Rotary International Zone 25 & 26 Institute in Reno, act as the Public Relations Chair for Rotary International District 5300 for 2018/2019 and be on the Board of Directors for the Rotary International Peace Conference.

Zeb is planning on doing more speaking in 2018 including speaking engagements with the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board, the City of West Covina, the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center, the Pasadena Rotary Club, the University Club of Pasadena, the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Upland Rotary Club.


#2 Birth of Our Darling Niece

Just about a year ago our brother Rocky became a father and we got to meet our niece. She is simply amazing. An animal lover who enjoys food, she is already very good at sharing. We are so excited to see her grow and to be a part of her life!

#1 New Baby Coming in 2018

We’re happy to announce that Cindy, Zeb’s wife, is pregnant with their second child – a girl. 2018 is going to be another great year full of joy, laughter and excitement. Sebastian is super excited to become a big brother.

Sebastian's Getting a Little Sister

Sebastian’s Getting a Little Sister

It is not lost on us how fortunate we are to be able to do the work we do with people who never fail to be interesting and passionate. So many people have helped us get to where we are.

We have a lot of plans for 2018 and are looking forward to another memorable year. We hope you all have an absolutely amazing 2018!

Thank you all for everything!

Zeb & Lacey Welborn

Chino Rotary Club Celebrates 92 Year of Service with Dinner/Auction Fundraiser

Chino Rotary Club Celebrates 92 Year of Service with Dinner/Auction Fundraiser

One of my duties as President-Elect is to plan and host the Chino Rotary Dinner & Auction.

The event will feature world-class violinist, Jennifer Argenti, master magician, Danny Magic, master of ceremonies, Gene Hernandez, great food, a wonderful venue and a raffle, silent auction and auction.

We have already secured tons of great donated items including vacation stays, sports tickets, gift cards, and more.

We are looking for people to sponsor, donate and attend the event. Please let me know ASAP if you’re interested in doing so by replying to this email.

“Chino Rotary Club Celebrates 92 Years of Service with Dinner/Auction Fundraiser”

Chino Rotary Dinner & Auction

Since February 1925, Rotary has been saving lives both close to home and around the world by tapping into a global network of service clubs dedicated to raise funds and awareness for challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, polio eradication, clean water and sanitation, and malnutrition just to name a few. The Chino Rotary Club is part of that global network that has united many great minds around a shared purpose: “To improve the quality of life in our community.” With a long history of involvement and financial support for local programs, the Chino Rotary Club aims at making 2017 a year to expand their support of community and international projects by hosting an array of fundraisers during the year that will help the club do what it does best, give!

“This year our goal is to raise $30,000 for Youth Leadership Camps, Entrepreneurial Training, Music, Essay and Speech Competitions for our local high school students, food, clothing and childcare for Chino Valley residents in need, basic commodities to support our active military troops, and new to our list of philanthropy endeavors is to support those who have been victims of human trafficking,” said Melinda Robbins, MBA President of the Chino Rotary Club. “We will meet this aggressive goal by starting our fundraising efforts with our 2017 Annual Dinner & Auction,” she concluded.

The Dinner and Auction’s theme is “The Heart of Chino – A Legacy of Service” which truly denotes the local club’s mission to give and serve. This event will be held on Thursday February 23, 2017 at the Los Serranos Country Club in Chino Hills from 6-9pm. Tickets for this event cost $35 per person and can be purchased online through under Dinner/Auction Fundraiser or purchased at the Chino Champion Office located at 13179 9th Street in Chino. Everyone is welcomed to attend this fun-filled Dinner and Auction Fundraiser.

The Chino Rotary Club is also seeking event sponsors and accepting items for the Silent and Live Auctions. “We seek the help of community sponsors to partner with our Club at various monetary levels to help us make a significant and sustainable difference in our community and together leave a lasting impact,” said Zeb Welborn President-elect of the Chino Rotary Club.

For more information about being an event sponsor or providing items for the auction, please call Melinda Robbins at 909-491-4791 or Zeb Welborn at 909-973-9089.

Let Zeb know if you plan on attending, send an email to