Zeb Welborn

Work With Zeb

Zeb Welborn helps businesses and individuals achieve success. Most businesses, at least in the Chino Valley, do not use the internet to their advantage even though there is huge opportunity for them. That's why Zeb began consulting. Since 2016, Zeb has provided business process improvement consulting to businesses across San Bernardino County. Work with Zeb to improve your business for 12 months for $12,000.

Tell Us Your Needs

Zeb meets with you to hear your needs and examine your business. Then the planning begins, your business is assessed and an improvement plan is developed. With your input, the plan is finalized and execution can begin. Throughout execution of the plan Zeb and the Welborn Media team help confirm implementation of recommendations and gain information about the outcomes to make adjustments as needed. As the plan is executed Zeb coordinates efforts to sustain improvements going forward.


Welborn Media is contracted by the San Bernardino Workforce Development Board to provide consulting and business growth services to businesses in San Bernardino County to help prevent layoffs, maintain and create jobs, and strengthen a skilled workforce. Welborn Media's expertise has proven invaluable as now more than ever people are choosing to get their information on the internet. We know from experience that most businesses, especially locally in the Inland Empire, are not taking advantage of the internet and we can help them grow their business.

The Process

1. Assess

Assess business standing, operational/quality, and cultural evaluations.

2. Plan

Develop an Improvement Plan - design a short and long term plan for improvement based on the assessment outcomes.

3. Execute

Execute - design tools required to implement the plan.

4. Sustain

Sustain - develop and execute a handoff plan, including training.