Zeb Welborn’s One-on-One 1-Day Online Marketing Plan

The Story

Zeb used to be a High School History teacher, but now he is an entrepreneur. His first business, The Tutoring Solution, helped tutor students in Southern California. Fortunately for him, his sister and current business partner, Lacey, was learning to build websites. Lacey built one for the business and installed Google Analytics which tracked people who visited the website.

Zeb thought he had made it, but after two weeks he looked at the analytics and realized there had only been three visitors to his website … probably his dad, mom and brother.

Simply having a website wasn’t enough. More needed to be done to get potential customers to visit the website. He started blog writing, email marketing, using social media and connecting with others online. And – after some trial and error – the website shot up the search engine rankings and received a lot more traffic.

Some of the parents of his tutoring clients were business owners themselves. A couple of them took notice of The Tutoring Solution’s online presence and approached Zeb about handling their online marketing presence. That’s when Zeb realized he could turn his online marketing knowledge and skills into a thriving business. He hired someone to take over the Tutoring Solution so that he could focus on online marketing for businesses full-time. That’s when him and his sister started Welborn Media.

Over the years, Zeb has picked up strategies and techniques to get the most out of online marketing efforts. The last few years he’s had several opportunities to develop online marketing plans that businesses can execute themselves – helping them set up their blueprint for online marketing success.

Now he’s bringing this service to more businesses.

Zeb’s One-on-One 1-Day Online Marketing Plan

In a few hours with Zeb Welborn you can have an online marketing plan laid out for your business.

At Welborn Media we’ve it heard time and time again: business owners want to use the internet to get more business but they don’t know where to begin; or they tried to use the web, but hit a roadblock that stopped them in their tracks.

The online world can blow up your business when it’s done right. What you need for your business is a plan that guides the way so you can see a clear return on your investment.

Many small businesses are flying by the seat of their pants, especially when it comes to the online side of things. And it shows, pretty much all of these businesses are doing a terrible job with their online marketing.

Using online strategies Zeb has helped scores of businesses land more clients and more customers. With an effective online marketing plan you can land more customers for your business too! Sign up for Zeb Welborn’s One-on-One 1-Day Online Marketing Plan.

Benefits of Zeb Welborn’s One-on-One 1-Day Marketing Plan

The marketing plan will help you:

  • Grow your business and make more money
  • Give you peace of mind and confidence that you have a solid digital marketing plan
  • Avoid wasting time on online strategies that are inefficient for your business
  • Build a long-term plan for success for your business
  • Save time by developing a tailored plan in less than a day

By taking advantage of this one-time offer your business will see more profits, be more successful sooner, and it might even make your family smile because you’ll be able to spend more time with them.

Stop wasting time, effort and energy thinking about how to go about building an online business, get a one-on-one 1-day marketing plan with Zeb Welborn to develop your method.

Here are some of the things that will be covered in the one-on-one 1-day online marketing plan:

  • Develop your unique selling proposition
  • Identifying your target market(s)
  • Address the problems your customers are facing
  • Identify where your customers are hanging out online
  • Identify which outlets your target customers trust
  • Identify which keywords you should target to drive more customers to your business
  • Identify which content you need to create to maximize your online success
  • A plan to get your business to show up in Google search results
  • How to get others to send traffic to your website
  • How to create call-to-actions on your website that website visitors follow
  • How to build an online framework to drive target market customers to your website
  • An action plan to implement your new online marketing blueprint

Upon completion of the one-on-one session with Zeb Welborn, we will create a physical edition of the online marketing plan tailored to your business. Zeb will hand the plan over for you to execute. You will also receive the Welborn Media Online Marketing Blueprint to help you identify opportunities to improve your website, to improve your content marketing strategy, to get referral traffic and to show up higher in Google search results.

The workshop will last between one and four hours, which will save you hundreds (if not thousands) of hours compared to trying to figure it all out on your own.

Zeb Welborn is busy these days so this offer is limited to the first 10 people who sign up.

We may offer this unique service again, but not until next year at the earliest. If we do, the price will be substantially higher than it is today.

Today, you can book your one-on-one 1-day online marketing plan with Zeb Welborn for just $497.

Why Sign Up?

We’ve helped businesses across Southern California make more money using the internet. While most companies we work for don’t share their financial details with us, some do. In 2016, one of our clients directly equated $246,400 in increased revenue to their online marketing efforts which we helped establish.

We are able to help businesses make more money. That is why some of our clients pay us up to $3,599 per month to handle their online marketing efforts.

We want to take all the roadblocks out of the way. So, if at the end of the workshop you don’t feel you received at least $497 of value from the one-on-one session, we will give you a full refund.

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PS - Lastly, and probably the coolest thing about this whole program is that for just $497 you get to hang out with Zeb for a few hours... I heard he’s a cool guy.

Zeb Welborn Speaking with the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board about Online Marketing for Businesses

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