New Website Design! Our Saviour’s Children’s Center

Welborn Media created a brand new website for Our Saviour’s Children’s Center located in Orange, CA.

We wanted to create a playful website that showcased the fun and caring environment at Our Saviour’s Children’s Center. The wonderful childcare provided here to kids in Orange, Garden Grove, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Tustin and other Orange County Cities is enriching lives. Encouraging all the children to grow spiritually, cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically from infants only 6 weeks old through kids in pre-kindergarten.

Home Page Design - Our Saviour's Children's CenterGallery Page Design | Our Saviour's Children's CenterEvents Page Design | Our Saviour's Children's CenterFooter Design | Our Saviour's Children's Center

Some of the highlights of the day care program are field trips, a Christmas program, weekly Spanish classes for 3s and 4s, Grandparents’/Loved Ones’ Day, Winter Fun Day, Thanksgiving Feast, Parents’ Night Out, Daddy & Me, and Mommy & Me. They even have Webby Dance and gymnastics as well as Soccer Shots available at this child care center.

The goal of the center and their curriculum is to eliminate stereotyping and discriminatory behavior based on gender, physical attributes, socio-economic position, race or ethnicity. Cooperation, understanding and compassion are modeled by staff and encouraged in the children.

At Welborn Media we are proud to have worked on this site for such a wonderful local business with a caring licensed staff. Please check out the website, take a look at the childcare events and the photos that show the playground, the large outdoor areas, swing set, track path, colorful kids play room, and the babies room.

If you’re interested in getting a new website, like Our Saviour’s Children’s Center, contact us to find out about our website design process and about how we can create a custom website for your business.


Infographic — Welborn Media at your Golf Course

Golf is a sport that brings friends together, away from the stresses of their everyday life, and let’s them hang out and have fun. We love working with all kinds of companies, but there’s something special about working with businesses that encourage friendship and community.

We have experienced some substantial success with Los Serranos Country Club, located in Chino Hills, CA.  During our time at Los Serranos Country Club, we updated their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and blog reaching more customers and influencing golfers to play golf at their golf course.   In 2012, Los Serranos was recognized as the CGCOA’s (California Golf Course Owners Association) 2012 Course of the Year:

“Los Serranos Country Club was recognized by the CGCOA as its 2012 Course of the Year for its dedication to the spirit of the game.  Los Serranos appeals to the highly competitive player as for more than 25 years, its courses have been qualifying sites for the Northern Trust LA Open, SCGA, SCPGA, CGA and USGA events.  Most importantly, Los Serranos reaches out to build the next generation of golfers through its various developmental programs, community outreach, and Kids Course.  The Jack Kramer family and the club staff is dedicated to its enduring legacy of Championship Golf and Gracious Hospitality since 1925.”

One of our big goals for 2013 is to help golf courses all over North America.  We’ve created a tremendous system to help bring golfers to golf courses and want to share that system with as many golf courses as possible.  As an avid player, and someone who loves golf and what it stands for, we want to be given the opportunity to help promote the game.

For us to accomplish this goal we’ve put together this information sheet that shows a glimpse of the value of social media marketing at a golf course.

Golf Courses and Social Media Marketing | Welborn Media at Your Golf Course

Welborn Media at Your Golf Course

There’s tons more information we can share to show why social media marketing is the right move for golf courses. To find more contact Zeb Welborn at (909) 973 – 9089 or by email to get Welborn Media at your golf course.

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For more information about golf courses and how golf courses can use social media to increase play and encourage golfers to play more often visit 19th Hole Media – Zeb Welborn Golf

About the WSM Facebook Secrets Revealed Presentation

Chino Valley Chamber of CommerceWe recently gave a presentation about how small businesses should use Facebook at the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce. Facebook is an amazing tool because so many people spend so much time on the popular social media website. Utilizing Facebook has many benefits for any business: gain customers, ensure customers are happy with your product/service so they will recommend you, develop brand recognition, gain helpful contacts and more.

Internet Users that are on Facebook

Reason to be on Facebook

We talked about how to set up a Facebook Page, including dimensions for design, using keywords and setting up apps. Properly set up a business page look professional and ensure information is easy to find. Having a solid content strategy is important to make sure businesses get the most out of Facebook. Knowing what to post can be difficult, but we have several suggestions to help provide inspiration. To build a following businesses should look to the resources they already have like email lists, mailings, and current customers.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising has tools to zero in on your target market.

In the presentation we also shared about the available Facebook tools and how they can enhance a business page. One of the most important tools is Facebook Advertising. Facebook advertising allows ads to target potential customers based on several factors. After setting up a page, implementing a content strategy, and setting up Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights can be used to monitor efforts, determine what works, what doesn’t and how to improve.

Welborn Social Media’s Presentation: Facebook Secrets Revealed went over well at the CVCC. If you know a group of businesses that would benefit from a presentation like this please contact us! Also, if you would like more information about how to use Facebook for your business contact Zeb Welborn 909.973.9089 or at

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Social Media Strategies Vs. Tactics | Marketing Vs. Advertising

Marketing vs. Advertising

Advertising: The paid, public, non-personal announcement of a persuasive message by an identified sponsor; the non-personal presentation or promotion by a firm of its products to its existing and potential customers.

Marketing: The systematic planning, implementation and control of a mix of business activities intended to bring together buyers and sellers for the mutually advantageous exchange or transfer of products.

When talking with business owners and decision makers we are constantly inundated with questions about ROI, or Return on Investment.  While platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google have attempted to address those concerns the fact remains that it is difficult to track the complete ROI benefits social media can bring to a business.  Advertising makes it very easy to track the ROI of a particular campaign because it’s a one-shot deal which can be easily tracked.  Marketing on the other hand is very difficult to assess because it encorporates the overall plan of a business to attract new customers.

Marketing is a strategy, and advertising is a tactic that can be an implementation of a marketing strategy. However, advertising does not usually work alone toward its goal. Other tactics such as market research, media planning, public relations, product pricing, distribution, customer support, sales strategy, and community involvement are implemented alongside advertising. All of these elements must not only work independently but they also must work together towards the bigger goal. A tactical executive may be very skilled at putting into motion plans to get results, but fail to see the bigger picture. That is why they may confuse advertising for marketing. Strategic executives will have a better grasp on bigger concepts, but may not understand the best way to reach their customers.

In Chet Holmes’ book, The Ultimate Sales Machine, he tells us there are three types of executives, “A full 90 percent are what I call ‘tactical executives,’ while 9 percent are what I’d call ‘strategic executives.’ And only 1 percent – the most effective executives – possess the rare combination of both tactical and strategic abilities.”

Ultimate Sales Machine, Three Types of Executives. 90% Tactical, 9% Strategic, 1% Both

Holmes goes on to say, “Tactical executives think only in terms of making the sale for today. They don’t understand strategy . . . Strategic executives will often look at the situation from a global perspective and see if they can develop some high-level strategy that might help to solve the problem. These executives are brilliant. They create concepts, ideas, and strategies that most would never adopt. But strategic executives are not good at, or interested in, tactics. Hence, I’ve seen many big ideas that never come to fruition because strategic executives fail in the implementation of their big ideas.”
How far ahead do you see?
The executive who thinks both tactically and strategically can develop the big ideas and the big strategies and also use discipline and determination to see those brilliant strategies implemented at the tactical level. And just for the record, the second type of executive, the strategist, can often be paired with a strong tactician and be very successful. However, the strategist may have to keep explaining and selling his or her ideas again and again to the tactical executive.”

Social media is most effective when it is used as a strategy and not a tactic.  While a social media campaign can include some tactics and advertising features, it is most successful when used as a tool to market to potential and current customers.  When done properly social media can have a profound impact on any business.

To use social media properly it is imperative to become a social business.


GM Still Loves Facebook

General Motors Facebook

General Motor’s decision to end its $10 million Facebook advertising campaign is big news in the social
media world. Many skeptics have used GM’s decision to pull their advertising dollars from
Facebook as a way to attack the effectiveness of social media marketing for businesses.
However, these skeptics fail to recognize the difference between social media marketing and
social media advertising. GM still loves Facebook and recognizes the importance of social media marketing, but has
failed to recognize the correlation between the Facebook advertising feature and profits. GM’s
decision to pull money from Facebook advertising has nothing to do with the effectiveness of
Facebook as a social media marketing tool.

GM is still spending 30 million dollars on Facebook content promotion. Despite having ceased
paid ads on the site, the car-maker continues to make full use of the social network. Their
Facebook page remains very active with several posts every day. This includes links to articles
about their products and their partners, as well as more traditional advertisements.

GM Facebook Post After Pulling Facebook Ads

GM stopped using Facebook Ads, but will continue producing Facebook Content

GM has built their Facebook following to 345,000 people through Facebook advertising. The
massive following they now have allows them to stop using Facebook ads, because
their 345,000 Facebook followers act as a built-in referral network to bring more customers
to their Facebook page. Facebook page interaction will attract new followers on a consistent
basis without advertising because their followers can interact with the page and share it with
their friends. The more “likes” they get, the more exposure they get.

According to a Mashable article, GM issued the following statement: “We are reassessing our
advertising, but remain committed to an aggressive content strategy with all of our products and
brands, as it continues to be a very effective tool for engaging with our customers.”

Don’t let people convince you that Facebook is not a useful tool because GM has pulled its
advertising dollars from Facebook. Arguments can be made either way about the effectiveness
of Facebook advertising; however, it remains clear that Facebook content promotion is
highly effective to engaging with a captive audience. Many other companies, including car
manufactures, say they do not plan on pulling their Facebook ads any time soon. Experts agree
that the ads can be an important part of a marketing campaign, but it is important to implement a
complete strategy that interacts with its audience in ways that keep their attention after bringing
them in with an ad. As a Ford representative put it, “It’s all about the execution. Our Facebook
ads are effective when strategically combined with engaging content and innovation.”

GM’s decision to pull their money from Facebook advertising may also not just be because
of the effectiveness of Facebook, but of GM’s decision to cut massive amounts of advertising
expenditures. GM also made big news recently for stating that they intended not to purchase a
$3.8 million dollar Super Bowl ad this year. Leading many to believe the new Chief Marketing
Officer, Joel Ewanick is seeking ways to cut his expenditures and is not cutting his
advertising just from Facebook ads, but across the board.

As a marketing tool, Facebook has proven its effectiveness time and time again. The percentage
of companies using Facebook to expand is increasing every month and sees no signs of slowing
down. Those companies that do not adapt to social media are missing out on a large captive
audience. In an increasingly digital world, traditional methods of advertisement don’t have the
same pull they used to. However, Facebook still has a lot to learn in terms of figuring out the
marketing game and knowing what exactly it has to offer. As its products continue to evolve,
companies that want to use social media will have to continue to adapt. We highly encourage
any business to develop a Facebook page and use Facebook as a way to connect with current and
potential customers. Having a Facebook presence is a built-in referral network. Don’t miss out
on the opportunity.

April At Welborn Social Media

Welborn Social Media - April On Our Blog
Social Media helped bring them to a Denver Broncos Game

Social Media – Making Dreams Come True

Social Media has the ability to connect people like never before.  An amazing example is a story we covered about friends of ours who used social media to fulfill a childhood dream.  In the article, Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot Uses Twitter to Get Tickets to a Denver Broncos Game, Merriah Wilson, wife of Jimmy Wilson was able to use Twitter to connect with Denver Bronco Lance Ball.  Lance was able to get tickets for Jimmy and Merriah to watch a home game at Mile High Stadium.  His dream came true thanks to social media, Lance Ball and the amazing efforts of his wife, Merriah.

Your Ideal Customer

Locating your ideal customers is beneficial to any business.  In our article, Who’s Your Ideal Customer? we define an ideal customer as someone who loves your product and services AND refers your business to others.  These customers are out there and it’s up to you to not only find them, but to do whatever you can to create ideal customers.  Social media is not only great for identifying your ideal customer but it gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers more frequently, building stronger relationships and increasing the likelihood they will actively refer family and friends to your business.

Ideal Customer vs. Average Customer
Creative Minds and Visions

Working with CMV Clothing

In April, we began working for Creative Minds & Visions, a clothing company based in Brea, CA.  CMV Clothing is based on the principles of harmony – harmony of creativity, harmony of the mind, and harmony of visions.  Creative Minds & Visions are extremely active in the community supporting local artists, musicians and comedians.  They also commit a portion of their sales revenue to charity programs designed to transform the lives of the less fortunate.  Be on the lookout for CMV events being held across California.  Connect with them on the Creative Minds & Visions Facebook page and Twitter page.  “When people are of one mind, they are supported in their purpose and are accepted despite their weaknesses.”

Expanding our Team

We would also like to welcome Karen Bardsley to our team.  Karen Bardsley is goalkeeper for Linköpings FC in the Swedish Women’s league, was the starting goalkeeper in the 2011 Women’s World Cup and is planning to compete in this years Olympics, set to take place in her home country, England.  Karen has a wealth of experience in the industry.  She has worked for Apple and has been one of the biggest promoters of women’s soccer in the United States, England and the world.  She also runs Reflex Goalkeeping.  You can follow her on Twitter, @KLBardsley

We welcome Karen Bardsley to Welborn Social Media

Happy Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. We’d like to wish all the Mothers a wonderful day! . . .

Especially our own . . . Love you Mom!

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The Hunger Games and Social Media

The Hunger Games opens in theaters tonight at Midnight. We’re excited about the movie and have been keenly observing the social media outlets associated with the film.  The Hunger Games has sparked a creative marketing effort to promote the movie, gotten fans involved, created massive amounts of content and allowed social media efforts to promote a good cause.

Also, we’ve been enjoying discussing how the Hunger Games and Social Media could have affected Panem (the fictional nation in The Hunger Games).

Social media has become one of the most cost effective and quickly spreading forms of marketing. To market the movie online and through social media the marketing team created a standard website that focused on the release date and movie trailers. They also created a website that allows visitors to become a member of Panem at Users share what district they’re in and their new Panem identification card on Facebook or Twitter.

The official movie Facebook page is extremely well done. With over 3.2 million fans this page can attribute much of it’s success to making their Facebook fans feel valuable. Making their fans first to hear news about the upcoming movie by sharing screenshots, the movie soundtrack, exclusive photos of the characters & actors and by interacting with fans not only on the main page but also on Facebook pages created for each district in Panem. They’re really using the Hunger Games and social media to bring fans into the movies.

Their Tumblr page is a perfect example of this. Tumblr is a great social media site that has many uses, because it is a great place for sharing and reposting items found on the web it has a lot of active users. One popular topic on tumblr blog pages is fashion. Social media marketers used this to their advantage by creating a faux online fashion magazine called Capitol Couture which examines the extravagant and absurd fashion trends displayed by citizens in the Capitol.

On Twitter they’ve chosen actual twitter users to become mayors of districts and district recruiters. Tonight, along with the movie they’re also launching a Facebook Game — The Hunger Games Adventures. With all this and more their social media efforts have encouraged fans to interact and to generate their own content to spread all over the world wide web.

While it’s neat to see all the things the markerters are doing it’s absolutely wonderful to see fans get involved, to become promoters of a product themselves. While this is particularly popular for books and movies with epic stories it’s important to keep in mind that this can still apply and happen with other businesses as well. For Example, Arizona Iced Tea on Tumblr share fan generated content featuring Arizona Iced Tea.

One of the most popular things I’ve seen floating around the web is this creative and well thought out map of Panem, which obviously took quite a chunk of time to put together. There are podcasts and entire websites that are dedicated to the fandom with names from to TheMockingjay on LiveJournal. Countless fan art creations including this lovely illustration of Katniss Everdeen.
Katniss Everdeen -- Girl on Fire


Hunger is Not a Game Website Badge

Website Badge

Besides promotion for the movies, other marketers have been able to use the success of The Hunger Games’s social media marketing for different endeavors. One example of this is Hunger is Not a Game by Imagine Better (An endeavor by The Harry Potter Alliance). By using themes from the novels & movies, and social media they are partnering up with Oxfam to gain supporters to change our system of distributing food relief, and to spread awareness of starvation.

While examining all the ways that the Hunger Games and social media are used, the experience got me thinking about how social media could have affected Panem. While there does seem to be television and phones in Panem there never is a mention of social media. One can imagine how it might affect the games and the fictional world of Panem. Tributes would be required to tweet throughout the Hunger Games competition, the more followers they get the better sponsors they’d get. There would be Facebook pages, fansites, podcasts, and blogs focused on all the tributes.

However, when I really think about it, if social media were around I don’t think they would have ever made it to a 74th Hunger Games. Social media can be very powerful. Knowing the role social media had in The Arab Spring, I think in the world of Panem, social media would have a hand in ending the spectacle of the Hunger Games years before Primrose’s name is ever called in the reaping.

Social Media is the Preferred Marketing for Everyone!

Direct mail, radio commercials, television commercials, billboards, flashing web advertisements, pop-up ads, and horribly timed telemarketing phone calls are all forms of marketing most people find extremely annoying. They are intrusions in our lives — always interrupting. They’re not like social media marketing. The biggest difference between this kind of marketing and social media marketing is that people get to pick and choose which social media messages they receive.

On Facebook you choose which pages you like, on Twitter you pick who you follow, when it comes to blogs you pick which ones you read. Social media allows you to subscribe to messages for the products and services you actually want to hear about.

Marketing your business to only those that want to receive your message at times during their day when they’re able to take in your message is more effective and less expensive than other forms of marketing. There are two forms of marketing, inbound and outbound. Inbound marketing is any form of marketing that helps you get found by potential customers. Outbound marketing is marketing that interrupts consumers and forces the message on them. When you think about it like this, outbound marketing sounds rather rude.

Social media has quickly become the most effective means for inbound marketing. But, simply switching your messages from outbound marketing outlets to your social media outlets isn’t enough. Outbound messages are trying to be heard over the massive amounts of other messages that a person is bombarded with each and every day. Outbound messages are the equivalent of screaming at someone. Inbound marketing in the form of social media is for people who are already seeking out information from you. They may appreciate something with more detail. And, since social media platforms are a place for conversation, it’s a perfect place to be conversational and to encourage interaction.

Social media marketing is ideal for both businesses and consumers. Don’t just try to be heard. Invest in social media marketing, get your message to those customers who are not only interested in your message, but are also at a point in time when they can fully absorb your message and interact with your brand.

At Welborn Social Media we truly believe that every business can benefit from social media marketing. If you’re interested in social media services for your business please contact Zeb Welborn at (909) 973-9089 or email