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Jackson Bloore’s love of working out began during his baseball days in high school and college.  He wanted to increase his performance on the field so he began to work out regularly.  He was not as talented as many other players on his teams, but he spent lots of time in the weight room to stay competitive.  Jackson fell in love with working out and it has become his passion.  Every day Jackson is able to push the physical and mental limits of his body. For Jackson, who lives in Chicago, IL, working out is a stress reliever.  It helps to build “mental toughness, confidence, and is mentally and physically invigorating.”

Action Jackson Fitness –  Jackson started Action Jackson Fitness because he saw so many friends and family “struggle while working with personal trainers that yielded lackluster results because of inadequate knowledge, attention to detail, or sheer lack of interest.”   Jackson began informally training people simply because he enjoyed helping people to transform their appearance and their lives.  After helping enough people, he began to enjoy fitness training more than his day job and so he decided to make it his career.

Action Jackson Modeling – Early on in his workouts, Jackson would get approached by many people asking him questions about his routine, what he’d eat, and what exercieses he was doing. At the same time he’d always get asked if he was a fitness model.  After getting so many comments, Jackson decided to send some pictures to an agency in New York City. They invited him to come to New York where he immediately secured a shoot with Men’s Health magazine.

Jackson is keeping an up to date blog and is eager to help those in need of a personal trainer.  His results speak for themself and we’d highly recommend the services that Action Jackson provides.

We loved working with Jackson to complete the website for Action Jackson Fitness.  If you’d like to learn how we can build a website for you or your business, please contact Zeb Welborn at (909) 973 – 9089 or by email,


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