Welborn Media’s Top Ten List of 2015

Lacey and her brother Zeb Welborn founded Welborn Media. She has designed and launched websites, several projects, marketing materials, a podcast, a book and more. Her passions include her family, her friends, creating things and helping businesses grow.
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At the end of the year, the Welborn Media team gets together to reflect on our successes and failures throughout the year. This meeting gives us an opportunity to fine-tune our direction and set new goals for the upcoming year.  These are the Top 10 things we accomplished in 2015.

Top 10 of 2015

10. Share Your Passion Scholarships

scholarshipsSince starting the Share Your Passion Scholarships in 2012, we’ve awarded scholarships to 17 deserving students. We have kept in contact with many scholarship winners and are still inspired by them. They continue to work towards following their passions and helping better the lives of others. This year we awarded 3 Share Your Passion Scholarships and gave out our first Student of the Year Scholarship Award to one of the hardest working students at The Tutoring Solution.

9. TV Appearance

11080661_10206382881436017_7712058961091484299_oZeb appeared on the Golf Life Video Channel for Fox Sports WEST. It was pretty darn cool to get on television.

8. Joined the Rotary Club

10984121_10154042856538840_6714998264776580589_nZeb was inducted into the Chino Rotary Club by Melinda Robbins, Dale Bright, and Steven Bremer. The Chino Rotary Club has been serving the Chino Valley since 1925. San Bernardino County Supervisor Curt Hagman spoke and my wife, Cindy, mom, Annie, and dad, Larry were all in attendance.

7. Speaking Engagements

zeb-speaking zeb-at-NGCOAOne of the things we enjoy most is educating others on growing their business. This year Zeb spoke with the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board, the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center, the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce, Baldy View ROP, Small Business Summit, the California Golf Course Owners Association and the Golf Inc. Summit.

Topics for Zeb’s Speaking Engagements were:

  • Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing with Facebook
  • How to Turn Your Business Into a Social Business
  • Marketing with LinkedIn
  • Marketing with Twitter
  • Social Media for Golf Courses
  • Innovative Marketing Tactics for Public Courses

6. #GolfChat

At the beginning of this year Zeb started #GolfChat. #GolfChat is a Twitter chat which happens every Tuesday at 5PM PST where some of the greatest minds in the golf industry come together to talk golf. #GolfChat has grown drastically since the beginning of the year and is a trending topic on Twitter every Tuesday. We’ve met so many amazing and passionate people working to grow golf.  A highlight of #GolfChat in 2015 was when professional golfer, Natalie Gulbis surprised #GolfChatters by giving away free tickets to the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Golf Course.

5. Awards and Accolades

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 11.10.01 AMIt’s always nice to be recognized for the hard work you do. This year we were extremely grateful to receive a few unexpected awards:

4. Southern California Charity Golf Classic

11207321_10101061535855630_6436920246785791462_nWe hosted the 1st Annual Southern California Charity Golf Classic to raise money for several worthy charities on July 17 at Los Serranos Country Club.

With help from many in our community, the tournament helped raise $7,597.81 for charity.

We distributed the money to several charities including: Bark for Life, Boys Republic, California Scholastic Press Association, Chino Rotary, Corona Firefighters Benevolent Fund, House of Ruth, The Let It Be Foundation, Salvation Army, Share Your Passion Scholarship, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

We had such a great time with this, we’re planning on running it again in 2016!

3. Chairman of the Board at the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce

11755429_1665688123649805_2385826912900505227_nOn July 27, Zeb was installed as Chairman of the Board for the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Becoming the Chairman of the Board has given Zeb an opportunity to help make local business owners more successful.

During his term of office, he set five goals to work towards in 2015/2016:

  • connect and work with other local business-related organizations
  • collaborate more with organizations that work to educate business owners
  • encourage and promote the involvement of young business owners in our community
  • enhance our use of technology
  • focus more on giving back

2. Lacey Gets Married

11934520_10101096973568170_4628964527126702956_o10339951_10208018878287700_1976316121632257612_nIn August this year Lacey got married to Ryan Bernholtz at a fun wedding in Santa Ana, CA.

In June, Lacey’s twin brother, Rocky married Megan Hutchinson at a beautiful wedding in Corona, CA.

Truly a notable year for the Welborn Family and there was another addition to family this year…

#1. Birth of Sebastian Welborn-De La Torre

monsterbashSebastian Welborn-De La Torre was born on Friday, November 13th at 9:52pm in Ontario at 8 pounds, 9 ounces.

Sebastian is a happy, healthy, and super cute baby.

Zeb says it’s awesome being a dad.


Thank you all for everything!  We hope you all have an amazing 2016.

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A Team Welborn Media Father’s Day

Lacey and her brother Zeb Welborn founded Welborn Media. She has designed and launched websites, several projects, marketing materials, a podcast, a book and more. Her passions include her family, her friends, creating things and helping businesses grow.
Latest posts by Lacey Welborn (see all)

Welborn Media sponsors Team Welborn Media in the Fast and Furious Bowling League at Chaparral 300 in Chino Hills. The team consists of our very own Zeb Welborn plus Larry Welborn, aka Maddog, aka Dad; Annie Welborn, aka Mom; and Rocky Welborn, aka Bro; plus Grandma, aka Coach. We could not have chosen a better team to sponsor, not only because the members of the team happen to be close to my heart, but also because they were the league winners! Just one more way Welborn Media is connected to winners.

After the official season ended our league went to sweeps in the third most visited casino and resort destination in Nevada. That’s right, exciting Laughlin. Sweeps happened to fall on Father’s Day weekend. Larry, aka Dad, is truly the heart of the team. He is clutch, our most consistent player, always putting up big numbers. At sweeps on Father’s Day weekend, we knew we had to make it special.

The team plus Coach Grandma was definitely making the trip to Laughlin, but we didn’t know for sure if I (Lacey), or Larry’s sister’s Aunt Holly and Aunt Lindra would be able to come. When the time came the whole crew made it. That plus the fact that Team Welborn Media would be presented 1st place at the Fast & Furious Bowling League awards ceremony ensured that our dad would have a great Father’s Day. Zeb had an idea to make it even better. Our gift to dad would be custom Team Welborn Media Bowling Jerseys. As the designer, I was put in charge of the task.

I wanted something that represented the spirit of the team, something that spoke to the intensity and drive they have, something that would help with one of the most important assets in head to head competition . . .intimidation. It took a while to get it just right.

I took inspiration from each player.

Larry, aka Maddog


Rocky, aka Bro


Zeb, aka president of Welborn Media


Annie, aka Momma


Grandma, aka Coach


The Final Design


We surprised dad with the jerseys just before the tournament. He loved them. He wore his jersey all weekend along with his warm smile. Dad had a wonderful time in Laughlin with his family cheering him on in the most stylish shirt he’s ever worn (well since the 70s anyway).

The Whole Gang in Laughlin

The Whole Gang in Laughlin

What do you think of the jerseys? Who is easiest to recognize?

Read about Zeb’s bowling experience, The Perfect Game.

The Perfect Game | Welborn Media Wins 2013 Fast & Furious Bowling League!!!

The owner of Welborn Social Media and the founder of The Tutoring Solution.My goal is to help business owners share the passion they have for their business with as many potential customers as possible.By helping passionate people achieve their dreams I am helping to create a society of passionate leaders that will help inspire others to make their dreams a reality.

When I let it go, I knew it was good.

The blue and yellow swirled ball rumbled down the lane, hit the pocket, and sent all 10 pins exploding in different directions.  So excited, I yelled and gave a fist pump.  I turned around to see my dad, mom, brother and grandma screaming, yelling and applauding.  I hugged them each, one by one . . . we were all teary-eyed at what had transpired.

A moment I will never forget.

Zeb Welborn's Perfect Game

Zeb Welborn

In September 2012, Welborn Media sponsored the Welborn Media bowling team in the Fast & Furious Bowling League at Chaparral Lanes in Chino Hills, CA.  The Welborn Media bowling team consisted of myself; my dad, Larry; my mom, Annie; my brother Rocky; and our honorary team coach . . . my grandma, Lenore.

My parents had bowled in leagues when I was extremely young and my brother and I had played for just a few months in the previous season . . . For all intents and purposes we were new to the game.

We somehow managed to stay atop the leader board for the entire season, but many teams were within striking distance going into the final week. We had just a 2.5 game advantage over two very talented teams.

During the season we managed to rack up some incredible performances.

  • My brother, Rocky bowled a 705 series with my Uncle Steve and Aunt Brenda looking on in amazement.
  • My mom, Annie scored a 728 handicap series while bowling in front of her sister, Cathy and her husband, Robert as witnesses.
  • My dad, Larry always came through in the clutch.  In one memorable outing, the pressure was on, we needed him to get three straight strikes in order to win, so he did.

As for me, I saved my clutch performance for the last match of the season.

In bowling, the last week of the season is called position week, where the teams closest to each other compete against one another to determine their final placement in the league standings.  We had to set up a pre-bowl because my brother, Rocky, was going to be out of town for a wedding.  To win the league we needed to beat the Ball Busters while also securing enough points to make sure that One Time Split didn’t sneak in and steal the title from us.  Our season was on the line.

I prepared more diligently than I had before, trying to figure out the lanes during our practice bowling, the right amount of curve on the lane.  I got dialed in.

My 1st game started off with 3 straight strikes, all perfectly placed in the pocket.  In the 4th, I let the ball go a little too late and it hit the back side of the headpin . . . a “brooklyn” as they call it, but the pins still fell.  Frames 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 went by like a blur as I continued to pile up the strikes.

In the 10th and final frame I let my first ball go . . . another perfect ball.  It hit, the pins exploded but one pin was left standing . . . the 10 pin.  Slowly one spinning pin began making its way from the left side of the lane to the right – headed towards the 10 pin . . . My family and I were screaming for it to hit.

It missed.

The wayward pin slid right by the 10 pin. I turned around, dejected, knowing I had missed my chance for a perfect game.  As I was looking over to my family — they suddenly burst out, cheering uncontrollably . . . Somehow, the 10 pin had fallen.  My perfect game was still intact.

Before I was able to remain fairly calm. To avoid jinxing the game or adding pressure my team had been containing their enthusiasm, but after such a close call they revealed their extreme excitement. Now, I was nervous. My hands and my body were shaking after the intense low and high of that previous ball.  I continued on. I lined myself up for the next throw and fired it down the lane for my 11th strike in a row.

For the 12th and final ball, I stood for a moment, gathered myself. I walked to my spot and let go.

A moment I will never forget.

Two weeks later we headed to Laughlin for Sweepstakes, the big, end of the year tournament which took place this past Father’s Day weekend.

Team Welborn Media in Laughlin Perfect Game

Team Welborn Media in Laughlin

It was a great weekend spent with my brother, his girlfriend, my sister, her boyfriend, my parents, my grandma and my Aunt Holly & Aunt Lindra.  My dad won a poker tournament, we all won some money, spent some great quality time together and had a fantastic time bowling with a spirited group of our loved ones cheering us on.

Walking into the awards ceremony, 4 trophies were positioned on the table at the front of the room – all 4 were for us:  1st Place – Welborn Social Media.

During the awards ceremony Rocky won the highest handicap series, my Mom tied for the highest handicap series for females, our team had won the highest team scratch game and I won the highest scratch game of the season with a 300 – a perfect game.

Welborn Social Media wins 2013 Fast & Furious Bowling League at Chaparral Lanes. Zeb Welborn bowls a perfect game.

2013 Fast & Furious Bowling League Standings

Looking back on my perfect game I can see the faces of my dad, my mom and my brother – sheer joy.  I’ll never forget walking to the table behind the alley to give my grandma a hug – a tear streaming down her face.  And I’ll always remember the love, excitement and support I felt that day – perfect.

Some may be able to say they’ve bowled a perfect game, but I think I’m alone when I say that I’ve bowled the perfect game.

We Launched a Brand New Website for DLT Growers

Lacey and her brother Zeb Welborn founded Welborn Media. She has designed and launched websites, several projects, marketing materials, a podcast, a book and more. Her passions include her family, her friends, creating things and helping businesses grow.
Latest posts by Lacey Welborn (see all)

On December 1st we launched a new website for one of our clients. The website can be found at www.dltgrowers.com. Initial response to the website has been great!

“It looks amazing. You did an amazing job Lacey. As far as I can see, everything looks great.”
-Cindy De La Torre from DLT Growers

“Love the opening photo montage on the main page. It’s a good speed and it’s not jarring. Colours are fantastic, the products page with the flowers wreathing the links is very creative without distracting the eye, everything is organized and very user friendly. GREAT WORK, gorgeous as usual!!!”
-James Fraser

“That looks fantastic Lacey you always put together really cool looking stuff the site flows great.”
-Rocky Welborn

-Shannon Barker

DLT Growers Home Page

DLT Growers is a nursery in Southern California that specializes in wholesale ground cover. Ground cover is the plants that grow to cover a large area of ground. It includes certain vines, shrubs, and grasses. When creating the design for this website I wanted to feature the beautiful flowers and make it easy for website visitors to find contact information.

Almost all the gorgeous photos on the site were taken by a member of the De La Torre family. Those photos were the greatest resource for designing the DLT Growers website. To make the color rich photos stand out I used muted colors for the background. I chose green and brown for the text and kept it delicate by using mostly serif fonts.


My favorite part of the design is the products page. The links for the different plant types are in a list and I was able to display one plant from each variety in an interesting and creative way.

Plant Types on the Products Page

To make it easy to get in contact with DLT Growers I parked their contact info into the header of the page so that it is always easy to find. There is also a contact page with more detailed contact info and a contact form.

Design is one of the many services we provide for our clients. Most of our design work is directly related to our Social Media efforts (e.g., signs to display physical locations and emails that share businesses social media profiles), but once in a while we get to build an entire website to help establish an online presence for a company like DLT Growers.

Please let me know what you think of the DLT Growers website by leaving a comment.

If you have any design questions for your business please contact us! Lacey Welborn can be reached at (909) 973-9088.