Chino Rotary Dinner & Auction, 2 New Members, 4-Way Speech Contest and Foundation Gala

February is always the busiest month of the year for us Rotarians as we plan and execute our annual fundraising event the Chino Rotary Dinner & Auction. The Dinner & Auction helps raise fund which we use throughout the year to make a positive impact in our community. In addition, we also hosted the 4-Way Speech Contest, added two new members, and attended President’s Advance and the Foundation Gala.

Chino Rotary Dinner & Auction

Our Chino Rotary Dinner & Auction was a huge success. Our goals were to double our sponsorships, attendance, donations and money raised. Although we didn’t double these efforts we substantially increased all of these efforts from our 2017 Dinner & Auction.

Last year we had 75 in attendance and this year we had more than 120 and increased the money raised from around $17,000 last year to somewhere between $20,000 and $24,000 this year. (We’re still calculating)

Great work Chino Rotarians on making our Dinner & Auction a huge success.

2018 Chino Rotary Dinner & Auction

Two New Members Added to Chino Rotary Club

We added two new members to the Chino Rotary Club this month. Delinia Lewis and Jon Monroe became our newest members. Delinia Lewis is the Community Resource Manager at the California Institution for Men and Jon Monroe works with the Chino Police Department.

Congratulations to Jon Monroe and Delinia Lewis on becoming members of the Chino Rotary Club.

Two New Members Added to Chino Rotary Club

Hosted 4-Way Speech Contest

We were excited to partner with the Rancho del Chino Rotary Club this year to host our 4-Way Speech Contest. We had an amazing speaker who will be representing us beyond our club. We’re very proud to be represented by such an amazing young lady.

Attended Foundation Gala and President’s Advance

Chino Rotarian Dale Bright was honored at the District 5300 Foundation Gala at the Queen Mary as the Chino Rotary Foundation Member of the Year. Congratulations to Dale Bright and thank you to Melinda Robbins, Linda Perla, Rick Bui, Chris Foster and Anthony Verches for attending to show your support for Dale.

Dale Bright is Rotary Foundation Member of the Year for 2017 - 2018

Chris and I also attended the President’s Advance on the Queen Mary so we could set up a strong succession plan for the Chino Rotary Club moving forward.

New Members, Taxes, Books, Leadership, Escape Room & Dinner & Auction Preparation

In January, the Chino Rotary Club:

  • inducted Regina & Eric Price from ReMax Champions
  • learned everything there is to know about taxes in 2018 from Jeff Werner
  • received 600 donated children’s books from Anne Kruse
  • attended the Rotary Leadership Institute
  • tried to escape from a room
  • prepared for the annual Chino Rotary Dinner & Auction

Induction of New Members

Congratulations to Regina & Eric Price on becoming Rotarians yesterday. Past District Governor Gene Hernandez presided over the installation of our newest members and Rick Bui sponsored them.

Regina & Eric have a passion for service and helping others. We are excited to have them join the Chino Rotary Club.

Induction of Regina Price and Eric Price to the Chino Rotary Club


Jeff Werner on Taxes

Chino Rotarian Jeff Werner shared everything there is to know about the new tax laws for 2018.


Children’s Books Donated by Anne Kruse

Rick Bui helped secure a donation of 600 children’s books from children’s author, Anne Kruse.

Anne Kruse Donates 600 Children's Books to Chino Rotary Club

Rotary Leadership Institute

Several members or our team attended the Rotary Leadership Institute in January. The District 5300 Rotary Leadership Institute trains new leaders in Rotary. Thank you to Linda Perla for getting involved in Rotary Leadership.

Linda Perla at District 5300 Rotary Leadership Institute


Chino Rotary Tries to Escape Room

In an effort to be more social and participate in team building exercises, the Chino Rotary Club visited an Escape Room in Pasadena. The people at the Escape Room were very impressed with our deductive skills and although we didn’t escape we had a lot of fun and got to connect with one another on a more personal level. Thank you for organizing this CP Phan.


Chino Rotary Club Visits Escape Room


Chino Rotary Dinner & Auction

Our Chino Rotary Dinner & Auction is only 17 days away. Please help us secure sponsorships, donations and attendees for our annual event.

Visit and share our Chino Rotary Dinner & Auction Eventbrite page –

2018 Chino Rotary Dinner & Auction Flyer


District 5300 Rotary International Peace Conference:

In November, I spoke at the District 5300 Rotary International Peace Conference at the Huntington Library to hundreds of Rotarians on The Impacts and Uses of Social Media on Peace Building.

During the talk I shared insights on:

  • How to Personally Use Social Media for Peace Building
  • 3 Tips to Promote Peace through Social Media
  • Social Media Success Stories from my Chino Rotary Club

Among other things.

If you have a chance to watch the video I’d love your feedback on the talk and the insights I shared on how impactful social media is in our world today.

Watch the video here –

Zeb Welborn Speaking at District 5300 Rotary International Peace Conference


Welborn Media’s Top 10 of 2017 – Business, Passion, Golf, Education, Family & Community Service

Another year has flown by! At the end of each year we like to reflect back on the year we had. It’s become a tradition to do a top ten each year. When we sit down and think about how we started it feels amazing to acknowledge how far we’ve come.

Here is our top ten from 2017!

#10 GolfChat

A few years ago Zeb Welborn started #GolfChat, a twitter chat for golf fans and golfers.Who knew it would grow on to become its own wonderful little corner of the internet. #GolfChat took place every Tuesday on Twitter at 5PM PST with the help of @golfbandwagoner and @ConnectGolf. If you’re invested in golf, you should join us in 2018.

The chat has sparked some great conversations and debates prompting the establishment of #GolfChat Authors. #GolfChat Authors have contributed articles on golf to give their thoughts and opinions on ways to improve golf. #GolfChat is the place for knowledgable and thoughtful golf experts to share their insights on the golf industry. Check out GolfChat Authors, Click Here.

One of the highlights of the year was having Ron Sirak, award winning golf writer and, Brandel Chamblee, analyst at the Golf Channel, jump into the chat. Looking to make 2018 another great year for #GolfChat.

#9 A Company Visit to Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a beautiful city on the beach. This year we worked the Santa Barbara’s Parks and Recreation department to promote their events and facilities.

We made the trip to Santa Barbara to shoot some video and take pictures of the venues throughout the city of Santa Barbara. We were so lucky as the weather was perfect and the venues came out looking great.

Here’s one of the videos we did about the Historic Carrillo Ballroom at the Carrillo Recreation Center.

Part of the fun of our job is some of the new exciting opportunities that get presented to us. Spending several days in Santa Barbara was definitely a highlight.

We love Santa Barbara and wish the city and all its citizens a fast recovery from the Thomas Fire.

#8 Helping Passionate People Become More Successful

This year we’ve continued working with some amazing clients and started working for others.

It’s always exciting to start working with a new client. Hearing about their business and their passion for what they do always helps to energize us in the work we do.

This year we worked with Eye Eco, Scott Goodwin Associates, DI Solutions, Los Serranos Country Club, Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, NextLinks, GoodFaith Medical Transportation Inc., Co., Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation, Village Greens of Woodridge Golf Club, Beckett Tires, Anaheim Hills Golf Club, Realtor Lyle Ballard, Town Square Florist, Riverwalk Golf Course, Bernardo Heights, San Bernardino County, Indian Wells, Anaheim Hills Golf Course, Dad Miller Golf Course, Being True to You, Benham Advertising, Cinnabar Hills Golf Club, CORE Real Estate, CrossCreek Golf Club, Desert Island Golf & Country Club, Integrity Cremations, Intensity Security, KKW Trucking, Konvert Golf Marketing, Lettuce Wok N Roll, Oke Poke Claremont, OoMaLoo, Paul Cushing Turf Professional, REALiTEE Golf, Robinson Ranch Golf Course, Bernardo Heights Country Club, Servpro Chino/Chino Hills, Steve Pennington, Strawberry Farms Golf Club, Tony’s Truck Shades and Dale Bright Auto Center to name a few.

Thank you to everyone who worked with us in 2017.

#7 The Social Golf Course in Scotland & Viral Golf Videos

No one has been more supportive of us and this business than our parents. They are the best! This year they had some wonderful adventures including a trip to the very heart and soul of golf, Scotland. They brought copies of the book The Social Golf Course written by Zeb Welborn and delivered the book to key individuals at St. Andrews, Royal Dornack, Brora and Elie.

It’s great to see The Social Golf Course at the Home of Golf.

Viral Golf Videos:

Two golf videos we created this year went viral. One was a video of Zeb Welborn interviewing John Powell about his world record-breaking round of golf where he shot 22 strokes under his age.

John Powell’s video was picked up by several major golf publishers throughout the country and he got lots more publicity for his remarkable accomplishment.

It was great helping get John Powell be recognized, he loved the attention he got from our video.

The second viral video was an interview I had with Bruce Loman, one of the first members of the Callaway Golf team. He’s seen Callaway become one of the biggest brands in golf and he shared the story regarding his experience with the company.

The interview came about purely by chance as Bruce recognized me coming off the 18th Hole at Strawberry Farms Golf Club. He was open to doing an interview right then and there.

#6 Sponsored Scott Goodwin Associates Firefighter Training Program

Scott Goodwin Associates provides the best online firefighter training for fire departments across the country. This year they launched a new program to allow individuals, groups and businesses to sponsor tactical simulation training for firefighters and fire departments across the country.

Welborn Media got the unique opportunity to sponsor the Corpus Christi fire department. A sponsorship valued at over $165,000. We even got some airtime on the local news station. Read about it here: Fire Department Receives Training Donation

And see our news coverage here: CCFD Receives Donation of $165,000 Training Service


#5 Southern California Charity Golf Classic

The 3rd Annual Southern California Charity Golf Classic was held at Los Serranos Golf Club on July 29.

This year we raised $14,401.87 and brought the total amount raised for local charities (since we started) to over $33,000. Thank you to everyone who organized, sponsored, donated and played in the SCCGC!


Zeb Welborn inducted as the 2017/2018 Chino Rotary Club President with his son Sebastian Welborn-De La Torre looking up to him.#4 Rotary Club President

When Zeb assumed the role of Rotary Club president he saw a big opportunity. Rotary which is known for doing good both in the community and around the globe is an organization that younger professionals would want to be a part of if they just knew more about it. Since Zeb has taken the help of the Chino Rotary they have seen record growth that will continue in 2018.

Learn more about what we’ve been able to accomplish with the Chino Rotary Club in 2017.


#3 Zeb Welborn Speaking Engagements

Zeb has a passion for education by helping others understand how to more effectively promote their business and making the world a better place.

This year we spoke at events hosted by San Bernardino County Workforce Development, Inland Empire Small Business Development Center, Rotary clubs, local Chambers of Commerce, the California Golf Course Owners Association, and the Arizona and Nevada Chapters of the National Golf Course Owners Association.

Zeb Welborn's Speech on the Impact and Influence of Social Media on Peace Building at the Rotary District 5300 Peace Conference at the Huntington Library28th Annual Rotary International District 5300 Peace Conference

On October 21, Zeb was invited to speak at the 28th Annual Rotary International District 5300 Peace Conference on the Impacts and Uses of Social Media on Peace Building.

The engagement was very well-received and Zeb Welborn has since been invited to attend the Rotary International Zone 25 & 26 Institute in Reno, act as the Public Relations Chair for Rotary International District 5300 for 2018/2019 and be on the Board of Directors for the Rotary International Peace Conference.

Zeb is planning on doing more speaking in 2018 including speaking engagements with the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board, the City of West Covina, the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center, the Pasadena Rotary Club, the University Club of Pasadena, the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Upland Rotary Club.


#2 Birth of Our Darling Niece

Just about a year ago our brother Rocky became a father and we got to meet our niece. She is simply amazing. An animal lover who enjoys food, she is already very good at sharing. We are so excited to see her grow and to be a part of her life!

#1 New Baby Coming in 2018

We’re happy to announce that Cindy, Zeb’s wife, is pregnant with their second child – a girl. 2018 is going to be another great year full of joy, laughter and excitement. Sebastian is super excited to become a big brother.

Sebastian's Getting a Little Sister

Sebastian’s Getting a Little Sister

It is not lost on us how fortunate we are to be able to do the work we do with people who never fail to be interesting and passionate. So many people have helped us get to where we are.

We have a lot of plans for 2018 and are looking forward to another memorable year. We hope you all have an absolutely amazing 2018!

Thank you all for everything!

Zeb & Lacey Welborn

2018 Chino Rotary Board Selected, CVUSD Recognition, Rose Parade Float and More

The Chino Rotary Club finished 2017 on a high note. During the month we selected our 2018/2019 Board of Directors, were recognized by the Chino Valley Unified School District, helped build the Rotary Tournament of Roses Parade float, and assisted Isaiah’s Rock for the food giveaway and for their holiday giveaway.

2018/2019 Chino Rotary Club Board Selected

Congratulations to everyone who was asked to serve on the 2018/2019 Chino Rotary Club Board of Directors.

  • President – Chris Foster
  • President-Elect – Rick Bui
  • Secretary – Arianna Fajardo
  • Treasurer – Linda Perla
  • Director – Ray Marquez
  • Director – Gene Hernandez
  • Director – Mike Faherty
  • Past President – Zeb Welborn

Chino Rotary Club Recognized by the Chino Valley Unified School District

The Chino Valley Unified School District recognized the Chino Rotary Club for all the work we did for our community in 2017. Looking forward to helping more local youth in 2018.

Chino Valley Unified School District Recognizes Chino Rotary Club

Chino Valley Unified School District Recognizes Chino Rotary Club

Chino Rotary Club Assists Isaiah’s Rock

We helped distribute food to needy families for Isaiah’s Rock on December 20 and helped them by cooking food for volunteers at their toy giveaway on December 23.

Chino Rotary Club Assists Isaiah's Rock Toy Giveaway

Chino Rotary Club Assists Isaiah’s Rock Toy Giveaway

Holiday Luncheon

We invited the Chino Rotary Club, Chino Kiwanis, Rancho del Chino Rotary Club and Soroptimist International of the Chino Valley to attend our Holiday Luncheon on December 13. We loved spending time with other groups who are doing amazing things in the Chino Valley.

One of the coolest things about our Holiday Luncheon was having Kevin Sullivan reach out to many past-Presidents of the Chino Rotary Club to attend our Luncheon. It was great seeing these leaders who have helped impact our community in a substantial way.

Past Presidents of the Chino Rotary Club

Past Presidents of the Chino Rotary Club

Rose Parade Float

Several members of the Chino Rotary Club assisted on the Rotary Tournament of Roses Parade Float. It was a lot of fun creating the float for the 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade.

9 New Members, Blue Star Boxes & Steven’s Hope at Chino Rotary Club

The Chino Rotary Club accomplished a lot in November. We inducted nine new members, put together Blue Star Boxes for veterans, attended a Steven’s Hope Luncheon, hosted a Thanksgiving event for local service clubs and sponsored a play for students at Lyle S. Briggs Fundamental School.

9 New Members Added to Chino Rotary Club

On November 15, our club added nine new members sworn in by District Governor Raghada Khoury and Past District Governor Gene Hernandez. Our new members were:

Chino Rotary Club adds nine new members

Chino Rotary Club adds nine new members

  • Keith Malespin – Opus Bank Senior Relationship Banker
  • Anthony Verches – Owner of The ESV Group
  • Lea Fellows – Assistant Superintendent at Chino Valley Unified School District
  • Daniel Bozart – West Coast Regional Manager at Valbruna Stainless Inc
  • CP Phan – Business Director at Creative Squeeze
  • JV Cuasito – Real Estate Expert at Keller Williams Real Estate
  • Narvee Intarachote – Financial Advisor at Edward Jones
  • Linda Perla – Spanish Medical Interpreter at Certified Languages International
  • Ray Marquez – Chino Hills Councilman and Broker Associate at Advantage Real Estate

Blue Star Boxes Put Together by Chino Rotary Club

On November 8, the Chino Rotary Club got together to put together Blue Star Boxes for Veterans at the Chino Community Building.

Watch the video created by new member CP Phan about the Blue Star Boxes –

Blue Star Boxes organized by Chino Rotary Club

Blue Star Boxes organized by Chino Rotary Club

Attended Steven’s Hope Luncheon

On November 2, several of our members visited the Steven’s Hope Luncheon. Steven’s Hope’s mission is:

To support the families of seriously ill or injured children

during  a child’s extended treatment and care.

Chino Rotary Club attends Steven's Hope Luncheon

Chino Rotary Club attends Steven’s Hope Luncheon


We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Rancho del Chino Rotary Club and the Chino Kiwani’s Club. You can see the brief video we created for the Thanksgiving Luncheon here –

Thanksgiving Lunch at Chino Rotary Club

Thanksgiving Lunch at Chino Rotary Club

The Magic Treehouse Night at Dawn Kids Play at Lyle S. Briggs Fundamental School

Earlier this year we gave out $5,000 via the Debbie Wilson Teacher Mini-Grant program to 15 different teachers in the Chino Valley Unified School District. One of those teachers used the funds to help put on a play at Lyle S. Briggs Fundamental School called The Magical Treehouse Night at Dawn Kids.

Chino Rotarians Attend Zone Institute in Reno

President Zeb Welborn and Past District Governor Gene Hernandez were invited to the Zone Institute as a representative of District 5300. Zeb is helping the District with Public Relations and Gene is attending as a Past District Governor.

Zeb Welborn, Louise Hernandez and Gene Hernandez at the Zone Institute in Reno, NV.

Zeb Welborn, Louise Hernandez and Gene Hernandez at the Zone Institute in Reno, NV.

RIP Dave King, Isaiah’s Rock, Peace Conference, Business Expo and Big Brothers Big Sisters

RIP Chino Rotarian Dave King

October was a productive, yet sad month for the Chino Rotary Club. We lost member Dave King who passed away due to pancreatic cancer. The Chino Champion wrote a great article about the impact Dave and Charlene King have made on the Chino Community which I encourage you all to read here –

Dave and Charlene King from Isaiah's Rock and the Chino Rotary Club

Chino Rotary Club Feeds Needy Families with Isaiah’s Rock

Our Rotary Club was fortunate enough to visit Dave, his family and Isaiah’s Rock one last time before he passed and donated $2,000 to the organization. Our club worked at Isaiah’s Rock on Wednesday, Oct. 11 to provide food for needy families in the Chino Valley. It’s amazing how many lives Dave and Charlene King have impacted because of their kind and giving hearts.

You can watch this video of us helping needy families with Isaiah’s Rock –

Chino Rotary Club helps serve needy families with Isaiah's Rock

Chino Rotary Club Attends Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

Dale Bright, Lorraine Sacca and Melinda Robbins set up a booth at the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Expo and met lots of new potential Rotarians.

Gene Hernandez Moderates and President Zeb Welborn Speaks at Rotary District 5300 Peace Conference

Zeb Welborn was chosen as one of the speakers at the District 5300 Peace Conference where he spoke on the Impact and Uses of Social Media on Peace Building – Read the speech Zeb Welborn gave at the Huntington Library here –

Zeb Welborn's Speech on the Impact and Influence of Social Media on Peace Building at the Rotary District 5300 Peace Conference at the Huntington Library

Chino Rotary Club Supports Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters came to the Chino Rotary Club to share how they are helping make young peoples lives better by providing mentors to them. Chino Rotarian Chris Foster is on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters and Arianna Fajardo became a Big Sister last year when Big Brothers Big Sisters came to speak to our organization.

We gave $500 to help support Big Brothers Big Sisters on October 4 during our regular Chino Rotary Club meeting.

Chino Rotary Club Donates $500 to Big Brothers Big Sisters

Arianna Fajardo Wins Putting Contest and a Bottle of Chardonnay from Los Serranos Country Club and Kevin Sullivan

Our Meet & Greet was held at Los Serranos Country Club on October 25 where we held a putting contest, thanks to Kevin Sullivan, for a bottle of Chardonnay. Arianna’s putt was the closest and she took home the bottle for her efforts.

Congratulations Arianna!

Arianna Fajardo Wins Chino Rotary Club Putting Contest


The Impacts and Uses of Social Media on Peace Building

I was born in 1981. My parents bought our first computer, a Commodore 64 when I was five years old. I was a part of the first generation to grow up with computers.

For my business, I work with passionate business owners to help them use computers and the internet to get more customers. Through my passion for golf, I wrote a book called The Social Golf Course and developed a niche in the golf industry. I joined the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce to help local businesses. And, I joined the Chino Rotary Club to make an impact in my community.

For some reason, I found myself getting involved in dying industries. Golf, on a global scale, has been in decline since 2005. Chambers of Commerce and Rotary clubs have not faired any better. I’ve been compelled to work in these industries because I feel I can identify missed opportunities by these organizations.

In speaking with business owners, Rotarians, or folks from the generation before me about social media I usually get one of three responses:

  • I hate the all about me nature of social media
  • What do I care what people had for dinner?
  • There is too much negativity and crazy people on social media

Which category do you fall into?

Social Media is Amazing

I used to teach high school history, and one of the videos I would show my students was the 100  Most Influential People of the Millennium. Do you know who was #1?

Johann Gutenberg

Gutenberg invented the printing press which allowed for the spreading of ideas. The first use of the printing press was for the Gutenberg Bible. One hundred and eighty copies were made and it took twelve people three years to make them.

Today, we have access to information in an instant. We live in an amazing time. When we look at social media we often see the negatives associated with it and fail to see the positives.

When I left teaching, I began my entrepreneurial career by starting a tutoring business. My sister built my first website and I started to learn how to market my business online. I got involved in a group of educators on Twitter through a Twitter Chat called #EdChat and I can honestly say I learned more in the 6 months I participated in #EdChat then I did in my 4 years of college, my year in the credential program and my 4 years of teaching.

Social media is drastically changing the way we live and influencing human behavior in an unlimited amount of ways. Doctors from across the world can troubleshoot in an instant. Inventors can have access in real-time to new thoughts and ideas on a product or project. Medical researchers can drastically increase the development of life-saving programs and projects.

Rotarians can have an impact too.

We can make social media what we want it to be.

As Rotarians, as influencers, it’s important to be involved. We think of social media as being self-serving or about food or about its negativity because that is what dominates the social channels today. But, we have the ability to change the narrative by being present.

How Can We Use Social Media to Build Peace?

We need to use social media to promote the good in the world, to get people involved and influence others to want to do the same.

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Zeb Welborn's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In the Summer of 2014, the ice bucket challenge took the world by storm driving massive awareness to the cause it supported – ALS.

During the challenge there were:

  • 4.4 million tweets using the #IceBucketChallenge hashtag
  • 1 billion YouTube views
  • 10 billion Facebook video views

In talking with companies I share statistics like these and the question I get asked 9 times out of 10 is:

Zeb, these mentions and video views are great, but what’s the return on investment. What’s the ROI?

The campaign raised $220 million dollars for ALS. During the first 31 days $100 million was raised. During the same time period in 2013 ALS raised $2.5 million.

ALS made 40 times more as a result of this clever social media campaign and – the best part about it – it didn’t cost them a thing.

They just needed to be creative.

How to Use Social Media to Build Peace

Today, I’ve been asked to give you some practical tools you can apply to use social media to grow peace. The great thing about this is that every single one of you has the ability to impact and influence our fellow humans. I want to share with you a simple tip to help you know what to post on social media.

Spread Your Mission:

One of the greatest things I’ve learned about the internet is its ability to attract like-minded people from across the globe with each other.

I remember early on in my entrepreneurial career going on a run with my brother and I was telling him how great the internet was and how easy it was to connect with people who share our passions. He said, “That’s great Zeb, but what if my passion is ferret racing.”

When I got home I looked up ferret racing in Google and sure enough if the first thing that came up was a festival in the North East that conducts ferret races every year. Not only does it gets people that share the same passion together, someone was making money from their ferret racing passion.

I know what to post on social media because I have identified five passions in my life. These are things that promote goodwill, peace and making the world a better place. By posting my involvement in these areas I’m connecting with others who share these same values with me.

Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

I’m the average of the people I’m connected to on social media.

Here are my five passions:

  • My family
  • Helping passionate business owners become successful
  • Golf
  • Educating and learning
  • Helping my community

If you’re thinking about how you can use social media to build peace choose something peaceful to promote and share that experience with others. I promise you will connect with people who share your core values and will make you a better person along the way.

Social Media Tips to Help Make the World More Peaceful

One of the opportunities I have today with you all is to help inspire change in Rotary District 53oo which I hope will have an impact far beyond this room.

In that vein, I have three tips I’d like to share with you:

Do Stuff:

I had no intention of joining the Rotary Club. A good friend of mine, Dale Bright asked me to join repeatedly and I politely declined every time he asked. He even offered to pay for my first years dues and I eventually joined because I knew how bad he wanted me to.

But, my first two years of being a Rotarian left me wondering what we were doing. We met every week, listened to a usually boring speaker of which half of our members would fall asleep and we’d go our separate ways.

Every picture we took on social media was the speaker standing behind a podium talking to Rotarians. Nothing screams exciting like a guy standing behind a podium.

Speaker at Chino Rotary Club

The best way to make your online presence look exciting is to do stuff.

This year, instead of meeting weekly at the Chino Community Building to hear some boring speaker while we take a nap, we’ve been doing a community service project once a month. The team leading the project will speak to our Rotary Club the first meeting of the month, the second meeting is providing hands-on work in our community, the third meeting is a social outing and the last meeting of the month is reserved for a dynamic speaker.

Because we are doing a wide array of things we demonstrate to our community that we’re being proactive in making a difference in our community.

Chino Rotary Club helps serve needy families food with Isaiah's Rock in Chino.

Document & Share:

If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?

If a Rotary club serves its community and nobody knows about it does it make a difference?

As Rotarians our mission is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

How ethical is it to remain silent? As Rotarians, our biggest responsibility is to influence others to aspire to these worthy endeavors. If we aren’t promoting what we do then we’re failing our mission as Rotarians. Social media is influencing human behavior more than anything has since the beginning of human history. Being absent from those channels is unacceptable.

Document and share your efforts.

Chino Rotary Club visits Chino Valley Unified School District CARE Closet


Rotary was founded on the concept of collaboration. The founders identified the importance of surrounding themselves with others who aspired to the same ideals. Collaborating on projects and working together not only advances our mission but it expands our impact and our reach.

On social media, collaboration expands our reach exponentially. Our Facebook page has 1,000 followers and because of Facebook’s algorithm only 6% of people on average would see our post. By collaborating with members in our community, businesses and non-profits our posts are routinely seen by 3 to 10 times more people than are following us. Our impact extends far beyond ourselves.

Chino Rotary Club visits the Inland Empire United Way

What is the ROI?

Now you might be saying to yourself. That’s great Zeb. You’re getting a lot of people viewing your content. They’re clicking the like, comment and share button, but what does that do for you?

Our Rotary Club, at it’s peak, had nearly 100 members. When I joined we had 14. And our Rotary Club is not alone. Many of you represent clubs in this room whose memberships have plummeted. Retaining members in today’s environment is no easy task.

District Governor Raghada Khoury is visiting our club on November 15 to install 9 new members.

Our video on the CARE Closet received dozens of responses asking where they could donate clothing as they had never heard of the problem.

Since becoming president, I’ve had three requests come through our website asking to become members. I went back to the holder of our website thinking that these messages must have been missed from previous years, but they weren’t. People are seeing what we are doing and want to get involved. This needs to be done Rotary wide.


Social media is a tool. It is neither good nor bad. It is how people use it that makes it good or bad. A perfect example of this is what happened to the Dancing Man.

This was a picture taken of a man dancing at an event he attended and alongside the picture was a caption that read,

“Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

The creator of this post and the replies that immediately followed were not used to build peace. But then, something interesting happened.


A woman on Twitter with the user name @CassandraRules asked to identify the man so they could throw a huge dance party in Los Angeles. Someone set up a GoFundMe campaign which raised over $40,000 to fund the anti-bullying event.


In the end, #DancingMan got his party in Los Angeles. The money raised went to funding anti-bullying campaigns and the world was made a better place.

Social media can be used for evil, just as easily as it can be for good. The original poster used it for evil, the thousands of women, businesses and companies that came together used it for good. If the good is absent from the conversation what happens to our world?

I’d like to leave you with one last thought:

The world is what we make it. Let’s make it a great one.

CARE Closet, $61,000 Student Scholarship & Chino Day at the Fair

The Chino Rotary Club did a lot of good in September. We worked the CARE Closet, attended Chino Day at the Fair and secured a Global Grant for our sponsored student, Anna Casalme to attend the University at Edinburgh in Childhood Studies for $61,000.

We started the month visiting the CARE Closet, a program run by the City of Chino and the Chino Valley Unified School District. Through the program we helped prepare clothes and supplies for homeless and needy families in the Chino Valley.

The video we shared on Facebook and YouTube received thousands of views and had dozens of people ask for the address so they could donate clothing and supplies to the CARE Closet. Thank you to Arianna for arranging the opportunity to work with the CARE Closet.

Watch the video here –

Chino Rotary Club Visits the Chino CARE Closet for the CVUSD

Jack Parra, a retired Anaheim PD Captain spoke to us about Self-Defense, we attended Chino Day at the Fair and…

Thanks to Chris Foster, Gene Hernandez and Melinda Robbins for helping secure a Global Grant for Anna Casalme. Anna reached out to us back in February asking if we would sponsor her to be a global grant recipient. Our club agreed to offer her a scholarship of $1,050 and she was nominated to receive a Global Grant from Rotary International which she received!

Anna, a Chino Hills resident, is now attending a Masters Program in Childhood Studies at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. A great job by Chino Rotarians, our Rotary District 5300 and Rotary International for helping Anna get a Global Grant.