Don’t be the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Lion or Dorothy – Be Toto

With a new year comes optimism and excitement. What will 2012 bring?

We are in the midst of an historic economic recession, because of that, just like Dorothy and her friends in Oz, our journey down the yellow brick road has been full of struggles and turbulence.

To stay afloat we’re having to adapt, downsize, economize, increase efficiency,  cut the fat… We’ve had to search out better, faster, more effective ways of operating. No question this prolonged recession has been difficult. But it also has forced us to restructure, to streamline, to try new things, to innovate. This is a good thing.

This morning I attended a networking event at the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce with a presentation by Ronnie Kovach, a radio & television personality for Fox Sports West and the Angels. His presentation was titled “Becoming a True Business Wizard:  What We Can Learn from Dorothy.”

During his presentation he said that many people believe this will be considered a “dark time,” but that we are taking the steps to bring ourselves into a period of prosperity and happiness.  Our response to this recession may, in fact, be laying the foundation for ingenuity and innovation that will translate into growth and prosperity for years to come.

The recession has forced many people to step out of their comfort zone and pursue things they hadn’t imagined.  When times get tough,  people have two options:  they can give up, or they can fight back and take control.  It is by fighting back that I found my passion . . . which coincidentally, is inspiring others.

Some of the most passionate and inspiring people I know are business owners.  At some point in their lives they took a huge risk and worked to build a company or a business. The only way to continue building and promoting your business is to have a strong passion — a desire to continue doing the work because you love it. I want to share that passion with the rest of the world.

Social media can demonstrate your knowledge, passion and expertise for a trade like never before.  People want to do business with people they can connect with, know and trust.  And nothing builds that connection stronger than demonstrating your passion for the work at hand.

Mr. Kovach said during his presentation that the dog in the Wizard of Oz, Toto, comes from the latin meaning for “everything.”  And the theme of the book/movie was that whatever we fear is missing from our self is actually inside of us.  The scarecrow, the tin man and the lion all felt deficient in some way, when the reality of the matter was they had the tools they felt they were lacking.

This economy has forced many people to do those things that are holding them back from achieving their full happiness in life.  We all have the ability for greatness and that ability to succeed lies within each of us.

We want to help small businesses excel and reach their full potential in order to share their passion and expertise with the world and provide customers the opportunity to connect with businesses that improve their lives.  To schedule a free consultation with us please contact Zeb Welborn at (909) 973 – 9089.

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Zeb Welborn

The owner of Welborn Social Media and the founder of The Tutoring Solution.My goal is to help business owners share the passion they have for their business with as many potential customers as possible.By helping passionate people achieve their dreams I am helping to create a society of passionate leaders that will help inspire others to make their dreams a reality.
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