The Hunger Games, Reputation Management and Our Newest Clients

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The owner of Welborn Social Media and the founder of The Tutoring Solution.My goal is to help business owners share the passion they have for their business with as many potential customers as possible.By helping passionate people achieve their dreams I am helping to create a society of passionate leaders that will help inspire others to make their dreams a reality.

The excitement about the new movie, The Hunger Games has led to a social media explosion. The marketing team for The Hunger Games movie have used social media effectively to promote the new movie. In The Hunger Games and Social Media, we’ve pointed out the ways in which they’ve used social media to promote the movie . . . some you can use directly to promote your business.
Hunger Games Movie uses Social Media Marketing

Lately we’ve been receiving a lot of interest from businesses about managing their online reputation. With websites like Yelp, Angies List and Apartment Finder, it’s no wonder . . . online ratings can have a significant impact on your bottom line. As online reputation managers we can come up with plans and policies designed to make your ratings on those sites higher. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can improve your online reputation be sure to read our article, Yelp, Angie’s List and Other’s Spur New Career Path . . . Reputation Manager.
Angie's List Super Service Award for System 1

We’ve been extremely busy as we’ve begun working with two of our newest clients:

  • Technology4Medicine is a leader in laser and photon technology for dentists. The use of photons in medicine and healthcare can be used to improve our quality of life. The laser equipment Technology4Medicine uses reduces the use of drugs, can be minimally or non-invasive, reduces or eliminates pain, and allows for faster recovery time. This is great news for providers and patients.
  • Transparent Mortgage is attempting to make the mortgage process more transparent giving the consumer full access to the mortgage process. They have a strong commitment to raising the industry standards for client care, open access to information, and social and ethical responsibility.

Technology4Medicine and Transparent Mortgage are incredible organizations and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with passionate leaders to expand their online presence.

Lastly, remember we can give custom presentations to any business who’s interested in seeing how Internet marketing and social media can help their business grow. Call us today at (909) 973 – 9089 to set up an appointment.

Social Media is the Preferred Marketing for Everyone!

Lacey Welborn

Lacey Welborn

Lacey and her brother Zeb Welborn founded Welborn Media. She has designed and launched websites, several projects, marketing materials, a podcast, a book and more. Her passions include her family, her friends, creating things and helping businesses grow.
Lacey Welborn

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Direct mail, radio commercials, television commercials, billboards, flashing web advertisements, pop-up ads, and horribly timed telemarketing phone calls are all forms of marketing most people find extremely annoying. They are intrusions in our lives — always interrupting. They’re not like social media marketing. The biggest difference between this kind of marketing and social media marketing is that people get to pick and choose which social media messages they receive.

On Facebook you choose which pages you like, on Twitter you pick who you follow, when it comes to blogs you pick which ones you read. Social media allows you to subscribe to messages for the products and services you actually want to hear about.

Marketing your business to only those that want to receive your message at times during their day when they’re able to take in your message is more effective and less expensive than other forms of marketing. There are two forms of marketing, inbound and outbound. Inbound marketing is any form of marketing that helps you get found by potential customers. Outbound marketing is marketing that interrupts consumers and forces the message on them. When you think about it like this, outbound marketing sounds rather rude.

Social media has quickly become the most effective means for inbound marketing. But, simply switching your messages from outbound marketing outlets to your social media outlets isn’t enough. Outbound messages are trying to be heard over the massive amounts of other messages that a person is bombarded with each and every day. Outbound messages are the equivalent of screaming at someone. Inbound marketing in the form of social media is for people who are already seeking out information from you. They may appreciate something with more detail. And, since social media platforms are a place for conversation, it’s a perfect place to be conversational and to encourage interaction.

Social media marketing is ideal for both businesses and consumers. Don’t just try to be heard. Invest in social media marketing, get your message to those customers who are not only interested in your message, but are also at a point in time when they can fully absorb your message and interact with your brand.

At Welborn Social Media we truly believe that every business can benefit from social media marketing. If you’re interested in social media services for your business please contact Zeb Welborn at (909) 973-9089 or email