The Power of Facebook: How Facebook Helped Furnish My Apartment

I moved into my first apartment earlier this month. I was apprehensive about the move.  After all, there are a lot of costs associated with moving into an apartment:  gas, electricity, water, TV, Internet, kitchen supplies, food, and . . . furniture.

Two weeks ago I had no furniture to call my own.  Now, I have a fully furnished apartment . . . all thanks to Facebook.

When I found out I was moving into my new, two bedroom I posted on Facebook to let my friends and family know that I could use some furniture. Man, did my friends come through!  I now have two couches, a refrigerator, a dining room table with chairs, a nightstand, a desk, towels, pots, pans, plates, bowls, silverware and a large list of other household goods. All of which didn’t cost me a dime!

Facebook, through the help of family and friends, has helped me furnish my apartment — something that very easily could have cost me thousands of dollars.  Love the power of Facebook.

If Facebook can help save me thousands of dollars in my personal life, just imagine what it can be capable of for a business.  By using Facebook businesses can connect with potential customers, engage with them and encourage them to become a part of the business and to become a repeat customer.

Every business can benefit from Facebook.  It’s a matter of understanding how to leverage your Facebook presence for the best results.  With over 800 million people now on Facebook, using it for your business is a no-brainer.  How will you use the power of Facebook to benefit your business?  Call us today to find out how we can help you use Facebook to build your business – 909 973 9089.

Thank you Mom, Dad, Rocky, Lacey, Lenore, Michael Nunez, Erin Rogers-Nunez, Joy Houghton-Klein, Jennifer Davis, Nick Cianflocco, Jimmy Wilson, Merriah Wilson and Laura Henson for helping make my apartment a home.

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Zeb Welborn

The owner of Welborn Social Media and the founder of The Tutoring Solution.My goal is to help business owners share the passion they have for their business with as many potential customers as possible.By helping passionate people achieve their dreams I am helping to create a society of passionate leaders that will help inspire others to make their dreams a reality.
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  1. Congratulations for your new apartment Zeb! Facebook sure is a very powerful social media tool that can help us tremendously in both our personal and business lives. Congrats again 🙂 Niveen

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