Syllabus for The Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course

facebook-course-syllabusLast week we announced our first ever course for Welborn Media University.

Welborn Media University is a social online learning system formed to educate business owners so they can share their passion and grow their business.  Because of the immense value we’ve achieved for our clients using Facebook we knew our first course would have to be The Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course.

We’ve pooled together all our experience working with dozens of businesses in a variety of industries on their Facebook business pages to create this course.

Today we want to give you a sneak peak of all the information we’re going to cover in the course.

Do remember this information is only showing a portion of what the course will cover. In addition to these daily lessons we will also have group discussions, podcast interviews, live webinars, and more.

This is going to be a social course that will be shaped by our participants. So everyone who enrolls can have input on the content we cover.

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Syllabus for The Ultimate Facebook For Business Online Course

Unit #1: Start with Facebook for Your Business

  1. Why Should You Use Facebook for Your Business
  2. Build a Facebook Business Page from Scratch
  3. Visually Optimize Your Facebook Cover Image and Profile Picture
  4. Use Your About Section to Maximize Your Facebook Exposure
  5. Unleash the Power of Facebook:  A Case Study

Unit #2: Build a Following on Facebook

  1. Build a Following on Facebook: Introduction
  2. Get People to Like Your Facebook Business Page
  3. Build a Following Without Using Facebook Advertising
  4. Leverage a Community to Grow Your Audience
  5. Build Your Following with Facebook Advertising

Unit #3: Facebook Advertising

  1. Facebook Advertising Basics
  2. The Most Effective Way to Spend Your Money on Facebook Advertising
  3. What Are Facebook Dark (Unpublished) Posts? And How to Use Them

Unit #4:  Create Compelling Content

  1. Ultimate Content Creation Strategy
  2. Use Facebook Insights to Create Killer Content
  3. Tips & Tricks to Help You Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page
  4. Simple and Easy Facebook WINS – Basic Actions Anyone Can Do To Quickly Produce Tangible Results
  5. Best Methods for Posting Links to Facebook
  6. Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Unit #5:  How to Make Money Using Facebook

  1. Top of Mind Marketing
  2. Sales Funnel
  3. Direct Sales

Unit #6:  More Ways To Use Facebook

  1. Run Contests
  2. Troubleshoot – When I Have an Issue with Facebook, Who Do I Turn To?
  3. Keeping Up with Facebook Changes
  4. Facebook Apps
  5. Use Facebook to Grow Your Email List

Unit #7: Wrap-Up:  Welborn Media University’s Ultimate Facebook for Business Step-by-Step Strategy

  1. Manage Your Facebook Time – Effective Strategies to Maximize Your Effort on Facebook in Less Time
  2. The Most Effective Way to Use Facebook for Your Business
  3. Build Trust Using Facebook
  4. Measure Your Facebook Effectiveness
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What lesson in the course are you most interested in?


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