Celebrate 100 Years of Life on Facebook!

On New Year’s Eve Grace Arndt will be celebrating her 100th birthday. After all the experiences she’s had, she knows what she likes. When the preparations were being made for her 100th Birthday Bash, she was asked what food she’d like to have at the party. She chose her favorite meal, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Grace, after her nearly 100 years, will share stories of how she and her family got through the Great Depression, how she used to help her mother run a boarding house, and how she used to love to dance: ballroom dance, foxtrot, waltz and tango. She has always loved music and in her younger days she played the piano and the drums and also ran a tavern with her husband called Arndt’s Music Bar. Today she is described as vivacious, fun-loving and intelligent.

Grace Arndt on the Drums

When KFC got news of this vivacious, KFC loving, 99-year-old they offered to donate lunch for her milestone party. KFC shared this news on their Facebook page, and people from all over the country have been using that post to wish Grace a happy birthday. There is also this page, titled Grace Arndt, that has dozens of birthday wishes from family and friends as well as random Facebookers.

Everyone is encouraged to wish this soon to be centenarian a Happy Birthday on her Facebook page to help her celebrate such a huge milestone.

Social Media is an amazing thing. It allows us to connect, re-connect, keep in touch, and interact with people from around the world. It can help a 99-year-old KFC fan get a free fried chicken lunch for her and her family and friends. It provides the opportunity for anyone who has a Facebook to be a part of celebrating 100 years of life.

Happy 100th Birthday Grace! We wish you all the best!

Grace Arndt

Turning Your Business into a Social Business

In a recent survey by Regus, they found the amount of businesses who used Social Media to acquire new business jumped from 35% to 43% in the United States this year.  Every year those figures increase as more and more businesses realize Social Media is becoming a necessity.  But, how can companies maximize the potential of their Social Media campaign?

The companies who incorporate Social Media and become Social Businesses are the companies who will thrive in the new economy.

What is a Social Business?

According to IBM,

A Social Business isn’t just a company that has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. A Social Business is one that embraces and cultivates a spirit of collaboration and community throughout its organization—both internally and externally.

Social Businesses focus on the customer.  Tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogging and Google+ are all used to develop a relationship with the customer and the customer is given the opportunity to interact with the business.  In turn, the business then modifies or arranges their policies to better suit the needs of their customers.

What Makes a Social Business

If you want to maximize the potential of Social Media your business needs to embrace Social Media as a vehicle to engage and interact with the customer.  These interactions should result in implementing policies and procedures to connect with what your customers truly want and need.

Overall, those companies who are considered Social Businesses experienced greater revenue and profit increases this past year than businesses who did not use Social Media.  This year, in the same Regus survey, 48% of businesses who did not use Social Media saw an increase in revenue and 39% of businesses who did not use Social Media saw an increase in profits.  During the same time frame, 53% of businesses who used Social Media saw an increase in revenue and 44% of businesses who used Social Media saw an increase in profits.

The numbers are clear, if you use Social Media your business is more likely to see an increase in revenue and profits.  For more information on how your company can become a Social Business, contact Zeb Welborn at (909) 973 – 9089 for a free consultation.

Enthusiastically Share Your Business with Others Using Social Media

Every week I attend a meeting with the department heads at Los Serranos Country Club where we discuss ways to improve the experiences of our customers.  Recently, we have begun taking turns discussing sales strategies based off of the book, Cunningly Clever Selling by Andrew Wood.  One point I really connected with was the role enthusiasm plays in business – enthusiastically share your business with others and love what you do.

Cunningly Clever Selling by Andrew Wood

Do I love what I do?

Through a lot of soul searching and development, I discovered my life’s purpose in 2010.  I traveled across the country in a 2007 Toyota Tacoma with no real destination. My goal was to find a job . . . any job.  After 3 months, I returned home with no job, in a worse financial situation then when I began my journey.  It was at that point . . . when I returned that I decided I wanted to help people, because I felt helping people would make me happy.  This may sound obvious, I think everyone in the world would probably say they want to help people, but it was making that conscious decision that changed my life’s course.

Instead of finding a job I started The Tutoring Solution in 2010 because I felt education was the best way I could help people.  Education develops minds and opens doors to brighter futures and more satisfying lives.  Through this venture I got the opportunity to interact with many business owners. These business owners were caring, passionate and had a real zest for life.  Why did they seem so much happier than most people I met?  The answer is simple – Passion.

My life’s purpose is to inspire others to find their passion and pursue it.

Using Social Media as a tool has given me a tremendous opportunity to spread passion. Every business owner we work with is passionate about their business and what they can offer for people who choose to do business with them.  On a daily basis, I get to see the passion and enthusiasm these people bring to their businesses and their customers.

  • General Manager, David Kramer at Los Serrranos Country Club is extremely passionate about providing an amazing experience for golfers who visit Los Serranos Country Club.  He works hard to entrench the customer into the history of the game of golf and is constantly figuring out ways to improve their golfing experience.  When you speak with him, his love of the game and love of the customer is unquestionable.
  • Richard McKinnon, President of System 1 is extremely passionate about improving the homes of people in his community by removing their acoustic ceilings and painting their homes.  When you speak with Richard, you have absolutely no doubt that his company is the best Acoustic Ceiling Removal company in Southern California, because he puts his heart and soul into the business.
  • Jennifer Davis, the Owner of Scrapbook Expo is extremely passionate about putting together amazing Scrapbook shows for scrapbookers across the United States.  She is constantly thinking of new and creative ways to enhance the experiences of those who attend her shows while figuring out ways to improve the experience for all the vendors who take part in her shows.

It is by sharing the passion of people like David Kramer, Richard McKinnon and Jennifer Davis that I am able to fulfill my life’s mission . . . to spread passion.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be,” and I whole-heartedly agree.  We all have immense potential inside of us and many of us refuse to maximize our potential because we are afraid of failure or afraid what others will think.  To enjoy life you must take risks.

Which takes us back to our original question . . . Do I love what I do?

I wake up every morning excited about what the day will bring.  I work Monday through Sunday at all hours of the day, not because I need to, but because I want to . . . Because it’s fun . . . Do I love what I do?  You betcha!


We Launched a Brand New Website for DLT Growers

On December 1st we launched a new website for one of our clients. The website can be found at www.dltgrowers.com. Initial response to the website has been great!

“It looks amazing. You did an amazing job Lacey. As far as I can see, everything looks great.”
-Cindy De La Torre from DLT Growers

“Love the opening photo montage on the main page. It’s a good speed and it’s not jarring. Colours are fantastic, the products page with the flowers wreathing the links is very creative without distracting the eye, everything is organized and very user friendly. GREAT WORK, gorgeous as usual!!!”
-James Fraser

“That looks fantastic Lacey you always put together really cool looking stuff the site flows great.”
-Rocky Welborn

-Shannon Barker

DLT Growers Home Page

DLT Growers is a nursery in Southern California that specializes in wholesale ground cover. Ground cover is the plants that grow to cover a large area of ground. It includes certain vines, shrubs, and grasses. When creating the design for this website I wanted to feature the beautiful flowers and make it easy for website visitors to find contact information.

Almost all the gorgeous photos on the site were taken by a member of the De La Torre family. Those photos were the greatest resource for designing the DLT Growers website. To make the color rich photos stand out I used muted colors for the background. I chose green and brown for the text and kept it delicate by using mostly serif fonts.


My favorite part of the design is the products page. The links for the different plant types are in a list and I was able to display one plant from each variety in an interesting and creative way.

Plant Types on the Products Page

To make it easy to get in contact with DLT Growers I parked their contact info into the header of the page so that it is always easy to find. There is also a contact page with more detailed contact info and a contact form.

Design is one of the many services we provide for our clients. Most of our design work is directly related to our Social Media efforts (e.g., signs to display physical locations and emails that share businesses social media profiles), but once in a while we get to build an entire website to help establish an online presence for a company like DLT Growers.

Please let me know what you think of the DLT Growers website by leaving a comment.

If you have any design questions for your business please contact us! Lacey Welborn can be reached at (909) 973-9088.

The Value of a Like on Facebook

The most common question I get from businesses is:  What is the Return on Investment (ROI) of Social Media?  Although ROI is difficult to calculate, there are numerous studies that demonstrate the value Social Media can bring to any company.

The Value of a Facebook “Like”

While perusing my LinkedIn account I came across an article titled, “The Value of a Facebook Fan.”  According to the article, SocialCode, an agency owned by the Washington Post Company “looked at 50 brands and more than 5 million Facebook ads over a five-month period earlier this year.”

What they discovered was:

  • Facebook fans are 547 percent more likely to perform a desirable act than non-fans.
  • Facebook fans are 291 percent more likely to engage with brand than non-fans.
  • Facebook fans make actual purchases at a rate of 7 percent, while non-fans make purchases at a rate of 2 percent.
  • The difference in cost per acquisition* between fans and non-fans is $9.56.
  • For fans making a purchase, the fan cost per acquisition is $14.88 compared to $43.86 for a non-fan.

The overall impact of Social Media undoubtedly benefits your business more substantially and for less cost than other forms of marketing and advertising.  The study by SocialCode is just one example of the thousands that can be found online indicating the benefits Social Media can bring to any business.

Sign up for a free, personalized consultation with Welborn Social Media owner, Zeb Welborn to discuss how we can improve your Social Media presence, meet more customers and enhance the relationship you have with current customers.

(909) 973 -9089

*Cost per Acquisition means how much it costs to convert a sale incorporating all marketing and advertising used to attract clients to a product.

Visit Our Friends at RelaxInAZ.com

We met Jason Harris at the 2011 Business Growth Expo in Tempe, AZ in November.  Jason is a passionate guy looking to give people an opportunity to escape from the city life for a weekend at four different lodging destinations.  If you’re looking to have a nice, quiet weekend away from the crowds of the city and you live in Arizona, check out the amazing lodges at RelaxInAZ.com

RelaxInAZ.com has four destination lodges located in Arizona.  Our goal is to provide affordable and memorable vacation experiences.  You can see all 4 of our beautiful lodges at www.RelaxInAZ.com.  There you can get information, area activities, see specials, check availability, and book online.

Relax in AZ

The Christopher Creek Lodge, near Payson is the original and only lodge located right on the bank of spring fed Christopher Creek.  The cabins were built in the 1950’s and in the last few years we have put over a million dollars into upgrades throughout the property including new carpet, tile, updated bathrooms and kitchens.  Many guests have called this place their Shangri-La.

The Grey Hackle Lodge, also near Payson is nestled in the majestic pines of the Mogollon Rim.  We are a seasonal lodge open every year from May 15th to October 15h.  We host many family reunions and a few special occasions or weddings each year.  This lodge is next to the Christopher Creek Lodge.

The Hidden Rest Cabins located in Pinetop-Lakeside are in the heart of the beautiful White Mountains.  Some of the cabins have two person redwood-decked Cal Spas inside the cabin and we are around 30 minutes from Sunrise Ski Resort.  We currently have a 50% off grand re-opening special good through the end of this year!

The Territorial Town Inn is a motel in the heart of historic downtown Camp Verde.  There are plenty of area attractions including Out of Africa Wildlife Park, Verde Canyon Railroad and Blazin’ M Ranch just to mention a few.  We have packages available for the area attractions; some of which include discounted tickets up to 50% off.  We are also located about 20 minutes from Sedona and 30 minutes from Jerome.

*If you own a business and would like to be featured on our blog please contact us at WelbornSocialMedia@gmail.com