2014 Top Ten

At the end of every year we like to sit down and look over everything that has happened at Welborn Media to begin building our plans for the following year. Just like last year and the year before this year has been our best year yet! Here is our top 10 from 2014!


10421448_10205149438393496_345217368202842858_n10. Share Your Passion Essay Scholarship Contest – Besides our main goal to help business owners share their passion and grow their business one of our secondary goals is to help inspire people in the next generation to be passionate, hard-working, and determined. That’s why we help put on the Share Your Passion Essay Scholarship Contest with The Tutoring Solution each year. This year we helped award 8 scholarships. Reading these essays makes us excited for the future.

1238934_515642048527806_1128749056_n9. New roles in the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce – Joining the chamber of commerce was a great decision for our business and has allowed us to be more connected with our community. We’ve met some wonderful people and helped many business owners become more social with their business.

Zeb is part of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Treasurer & Head of the Membership Committee at the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce.

10476087_876378912372504_4039244731253633501_o8. Zeb’s numerous Podcast appearances – Zeb enjoys interviewing guests on The Defining Success Podcast with Zeb Welborn, but it’s a whole different kind of of enjoyment when he is asked to appear on someone else’s podcast. This year Zeb appeared on the Join Up Dots Podcast, Golf Talk Live, The Scottish Golf Podcast, The Golf Club Radio show, the Friday Foursome, the Give Good Podcast, Selling on the Green, the Tropical Entrepreneur, the Dream Warrior Podcast, Podcast Shout Out, the Travel Wisdom Podcast, and the Beginner Internet Business Podcast. He was also interviewed for the website Golf Life and the Daily Interview. And probably a few more we forgot to mention. Sorry if we missed you.

cover-projects_01_037. Over 100 Episodes on The Defining Success Podcast – When Zeb started the Defining Success Podcast he had the idea to learn as much as he could by doing 100 episodes. Well he’s past that mark and still going. The lessons we’ve learned and the people we’ve met through the process have made this experience invaluable!

cover-projects_01_016. Welborn Media University – There is a wide variety of small businesses out there. Many new owners don’t have much money but they have time, energy and passion. We had these business owners in mind when we established Welborn Media University. We launched our first course The Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course. The first class of students is working their way through the course now, learning the ins and outs of using Facebook for their Business. It’s so satisfying to witness them put our lessons into practice.

10151410_10204737021930558_8971645376380523211_n5. Speaker at Crittenden Golf Conference + Other Speaking Engagements – The Crittenden Golf Conference is one of the premier golf industry events in the USA. This year Zeb got to host a panel to discuss using social media at local golf courses. In the golf industry, Zeb has spoken at the California Golf Course Owner’s Association, a KemperSports regional meeting, and the Crittenden Golf Conferenece.

For small businesses, Zeb also had the pleasure to speak at the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Inland Empire’s Small Business Summit, four times for the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center, at Planning You Can Trust, at Baldy View ROP, to the California Real Estate Inspection Association, to Chaffey College on numerous occasions, at Sparks Middle School, Chino High School, and Roosevelt High School in Eastvale.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 3.50.19 PM4. Became a Publisher – This year Welborn Media published it’s first book, The Social Golf Course: Increasing Rounds Using Social Media. Now only did we publish an eBook, but at the last minute we decided to publish in print as well. Lacey Welborn formatted and released the book. Now it’s up for sale on Amazon.com.

1932803_10203365672532487_1396583280_o3. Hosted a Golf Tournament – To celebrate the launch of the book we threw The Social Golf Tournament. A fantastically fun event. We enjoyed it so much we may just need to have another tournament this year. ;-)

1890357_687068361335447_900734395_o2. The Social Golf Course book – Written by Zeb Welborn and John Hakim, Edited by Ann Welborn and legendary crime reporter Larry Welborn, designed and formatted by Lacey Welborn. This book has gotten rave reviews and continues to help Local Golf Course Professionals understand and use social media to promote their course.

10462978_10100738519363270_8982390173757429225_n 10421448_10205149438393496_345217368202842858_n1. Lacey got Engaged! + Rocky got Engaged! – The Welborn Family is growing all the time! In August of this year the handsome Ryan Bernholtz proposed to Lacey Welborn and she said yes. Later that month Lacey and Zeb’s brother Rocky Welborn proposed to the lovely Megan Hutchinson and she said yes. Lacey and Rocky are total Twinsies!


Another awesome year at Welborn Media and once again we are so excited to see what the next year has in store.

Happy 2015!

Syllabus for The Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course

facebook-course-syllabusLast week we announced our first ever course for Welborn Media University.

Welborn Media University is a social online learning system formed to educate business owners so they can share their passion and grow their business.  Because of the immense value we’ve achieved for our clients using Facebook we knew our first course would have to be The Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course.

We’ve pooled together all our experience working with dozens of businesses in a variety of industries on their Facebook business pages to create this course.

Today we want to give you a sneak peak of all the information we’re going to cover in the course.

Do remember this information is only showing a portion of what the course will cover. In addition to these daily lessons we will also have group discussions, podcast interviews, live webinars, and more.

This is going to be a social course that will be shaped by our participants. So everyone who enrolls can have input on the content we cover.

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Syllabus for The Ultimate Facebook For Business Online Course

Unit #1: Start with Facebook for Your Business

  1. Why Should You Use Facebook for Your Business
  2. Build a Facebook Business Page from Scratch
  3. Visually Optimize Your Facebook Cover Image and Profile Picture
  4. Use Your About Section to Maximize Your Facebook Exposure
  5. Unleash the Power of Facebook:  A Case Study

Unit #2: Build a Following on Facebook

  1. Build a Following on Facebook: Introduction
  2. Get People to Like Your Facebook Business Page
  3. Build a Following Without Using Facebook Advertising
  4. Leverage a Community to Grow Your Audience
  5. Build Your Following with Facebook Advertising

Unit #3: Facebook Advertising

  1. Facebook Advertising Basics
  2. The Most Effective Way to Spend Your Money on Facebook Advertising
  3. What Are Facebook Dark (Unpublished) Posts? And How to Use Them

Unit #4:  Create Compelling Content

  1. Ultimate Content Creation Strategy
  2. Use Facebook Insights to Create Killer Content
  3. Tips & Tricks to Help You Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page
  4. Simple and Easy Facebook WINS – Basic Actions Anyone Can Do To Quickly Produce Tangible Results
  5. Best Methods for Posting Links to Facebook
  6. Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Unit #5:  How to Make Money Using Facebook

  1. Top of Mind Marketing
  2. Sales Funnel
  3. Direct Sales

Unit #6:  More Ways To Use Facebook

  1. Run Contests
  2. Troubleshoot – When I Have an Issue with Facebook, Who Do I Turn To?
  3. Keeping Up with Facebook Changes
  4. Facebook Apps
  5. Use Facebook to Grow Your Email List

Unit #7: Wrap-Up:  Welborn Media University’s Ultimate Facebook for Business Step-by-Step Strategy

  1. Manage Your Facebook Time – Effective Strategies to Maximize Your Effort on Facebook in Less Time
  2. The Most Effective Way to Use Facebook for Your Business
  3. Build Trust Using Facebook
  4. Measure Your Facebook Effectiveness
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What lesson in the course are you most interested in?


Welborn Media University is Now Open For Enrollment

Welborn Media University Ultimate Facebook for Business Online CourseWe’ve been dreaming of and working on Welborn Media University for years and we’re excited to announce our first ever course…

The Ultimate Facebook For Business Online Course

My email inbox is flooded with emails asking for help on Facebook, whether it be questions, clarification, problems, or just how to be better at it.

Our business, Welborn Media, started with the goal to help small businesses become successful online.  As our business has grown so have our prices and many small businesses who we intended to help — want to hire us, but can’t afford to do so.

That’s when we came up with the idea for Welborn Media University. A social online learning system to educate business owners so they can share their passion and grow their business.  Because of the immense value we’ve achieved for our clients using Facebook we knew our first course would have to be The Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course.

In the build-up to launching this class, we’ve been sharing our thoughts and ideas with others and we can’t tell you how exciting the response from the business community has been.

When we think of the type of person we wanted to create this course for, we thought of our good friend Jim Keneaster, the owner of ABC Computer Services in Chino, CA. Jim is involved in our local Chamber of Commerce and what struck us about him was the enthusiasm he had for his work. But, Jim was struggling to reach his business goals. We knew social media could help and we tried to figure out ways to work with one another, but Jim simply couldn’t afford our monthly services.

And so, we couldn’t help Jim. Until now…

This online course allows us to help so many more people: passionate, hard-working, and enthusiastic small business owners. We can teach small business owners like Jim to use Facebook to reach their business goals.

In 30 10-minute lessons that you can consume all at once or follow along with a one-a-day schedule, for a one-time fee of $299, you can learn everything you need to know about Facebook. The Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course shares absolutely everything we’ve learned from managing dozens of Facebook accounts for all types of businesses.

It is a 30-day online course featuring:

  • Step-by-step videos that show exactly how we set up, grow, and build Facebook business pages
  • Assignments at the end of each lesson to motivate participants to take action
  • An online community to collaborate and work with (Private Facebook Group)
  • Podcast episodes discussing Facebook and social media
  • Images, videos, and text sharing all kinds of information

Plus there’s all kinds of other bonuses, find out more by CLICKING HERE.

How To Use Facebook to Make Money By Becoming a Social Business

Zeb answers one of our most FAQs

Zeb answers one of our most FAQs

One question we are often asked is how can you make money by using Facebook. For business owners this is an important question and we have the answer.

There are 3 main ways to make money using Facebook, as top of mind marketing, as part of all of a sales funnel, and with direct sales. Enhance all of these by working to become a social business.

Enter your email and watch the video to find out more.

If you’re thinking about using Facebook for your business, you need to focus on using it effectively. Sharing posts on Facebook that don’t get tangible results for your business is not the most effective use of your time. Businesses can benefit substantially from Facebook, but ONLY if they do it right.

The Ultimate Facebook for Business course will not only teach you tactics and techniques, but we’ll also share the mindset you need to have in order to create a successful social business.

These videos are building up to the announcement of our Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course where we teach you everything we know about using Facebook for Business.

My background as a teacher and our experience managing Facebook pages for more than 30 clients in more than a dozen industries have given us insights on ways we can help any small business use social media to reach and retain more customers.

On Thursday, November 13, we are officially launching our Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course.

Welborn Media University’s Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course will only be open for enrollment from November 13 until Thursday, November 20 and will be closed until next year. This introductory course will NEVER be cheaper.

Visit https://welborn.leadpages.net/money-social-business-opt-in/ and, leave a comment! Share a link to your Facebook business page.

3 Quick Ways You Can Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

3 Quick Ways You Can Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

Free Video

Sign up to watch our free video, 3 Quick Ways You Can Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Business Page.

Thank you to those of you who commented on my first video: The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Facebook -

I'd especially like to thank Adam Witmer and Lisa Walsh for your comments. Be sure to watch the video where I address the answer to your questions.

In this video, we will show you 3 quick ways you can increase the likelihood that your Facebook followers will click the like, comment, or share button. Doing so will help your Facebook posts show up more often in the news feeds of others, building more awareness of your brand, and eventually, driving sales to your business.

Facebook is free to use, and with our Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course you'll learn everything we know about managing a Facebook Business page.

In our next video, I'll be introducing our Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course and showing you why authenticity in your Facebook posting matters.


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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Facebook For Your Business

Free Video!

Free Video!

We are prepping to Launch Welborn Media University and in our lead up to the big event we're sharing three videos packed with information.

This first video, The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Facebook For Your Business, shows how any business can be successful on Facebook. And why, (if you're a small business owner) you should be using Facebook to grow your business.

Also, if you know anyone who has ever mentioned, thought about, or is doing Facebook for their business and they could use some help . . . please share this with them.

Share Your Passion. Grow Your Business.


Facebook is the easiest way to grow your business today.

Have you been stalling to get your Facebook presence started? Have you tried it and failed? Have you thought about hiring someone to do it for you? Is Facebook not your thing?

Welborn Media is here to teach you how to do it, and how to do it well.

In this video, learn how you can use Facebook to transform your business into something greater.

After managing Facebook pages for more than 30 businesses in a variety of different industries, we know what it takes to make small businesses successful. We are here to help you navigate Facebook to make your business a winner.

Stay tuned for our next video where Zeb shares his #1 trick to substantially increase engagement for your Facebook Business page.

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Free Download – 4th of July Wallpaper

Dress up your desktop for the 4th of July with our 4th of July Desktop Wallpaper. Have a happy and safe Independence Day!

4th of July Wallpaper

4th of July Desktop Wallpaper
Fourth of July Wallpaper :: 4th of July Wallpaper
Fourth of July Desktop Wallpaper :: 4th of July Desktop Wallpaper

Scrapbook Owner Jennifer Davis Recommends Welborn Social Media

Welborn Social Media & Scrapbook Expo

Jennifer Davis recommends Welborn Social Media:

We hired Welborn Social Media in June 2011 to help us develop our Twitter presence and advise us on how to increase our followers on Facebook and build interaction on our page among our Facebook users.  From the very beginning, Zeb and Lacey demonstrated their passion and expertise for building a strong online presence for Scrapbook Expo.

Since starting in June, Welborn Social Media has taken our Twitter following from a couple hundred to over 5,000 followers.  According to Twellow, we are now in the top 15 of all scrapbookers on Twitter.  They started a biweekly Twitter chat called #Scrapchat which is producing some fantastic results.

After getting to know Zeb and Lacey, we have been extremely impressed with Lacey’s web design and graphic design abilities. I’ve given her projects with specific instructions and she always goes beyond my expectations. I’ve started giving her projects with minimal direction just to see what she comes up with. She’s always spot on, she understands our brand and I am a huge fan of her work.

Lastly, we have been so happy with the work Welborn Social Media is doing for us we constantly encourage our exhibitors to hire them to help develop and enhance their social media presence, design professional emails and create logos.  Every time we refer Zeb and Lacey to our exhibitors we consistently hear that not only did they do an amazing job, but they did it cheaply and timely.

We truly feel our business has improved because of Welborn Social Media and would be more than happy to provide any feedback or answer questions you might have when dealing with Welborn Social Media.  We can not recommend them highly enough and would encourage anyone looking to grow their business to hire Zeb and Lacey to build a healthy online reputation.