3 Quick Ways You Can Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

3 Quick Ways You Can Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

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Thank you to those of you who commented on my first video: The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Facebook -

I'd especially like to thank Adam Witmer and Lisa Walsh for your comments. Be sure to watch the video where I address the answer to your questions.

In this video, we will show you 3 quick ways you can increase the likelihood that your Facebook followers will click the like, comment, or share button. Doing so will help your Facebook posts show up more often in the news feeds of others, building more awareness of your brand, and eventually, driving sales to your business.

Facebook is free to use, and with our Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course you'll learn everything we know about managing a Facebook Business page.

In our next video, I'll be introducing our Ultimate Facebook for Business Online Course and showing you why authenticity in your Facebook posting matters.


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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Facebook For Your Business

Free Video!

Free Video!

We are prepping to Launch Welborn Media University and in our lead up to the big event we're sharing three videos packed with information.

This first video, The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Facebook For Your Business, shows how any business can be successful on Facebook. And why, (if you're a small business owner) you should be using Facebook to grow your business.

Also, if you know anyone who has ever mentioned, thought about, or is doing Facebook for their business and they could use some help . . . please share this with them.

Share Your Passion. Grow Your Business.


Facebook is the easiest way to grow your business today.

Have you been stalling to get your Facebook presence started? Have you tried it and failed? Have you thought about hiring someone to do it for you? Is Facebook not your thing?

Welborn Media is here to teach you how to do it, and how to do it well.

In this video, learn how you can use Facebook to transform your business into something greater.

After managing Facebook pages for more than 30 businesses in a variety of different industries, we know what it takes to make small businesses successful. We are here to help you navigate Facebook to make your business a winner.

Stay tuned for our next video where Zeb shares his #1 trick to substantially increase engagement for your Facebook Business page.

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Free Download – 4th of July Wallpaper

Dress up your desktop for the 4th of July with our 4th of July Desktop Wallpaper. Have a happy and safe Independence Day!

4th of July Wallpaper

4th of July Desktop Wallpaper
Fourth of July Wallpaper :: 4th of July Wallpaper
Fourth of July Desktop Wallpaper :: 4th of July Desktop Wallpaper

2013 Chino Hills Business of The Year | Welborn Social Media

Welborn Social Media named the 2013 Chino Hills Business of the Year by the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce!

Last Friday night, June 28, I went to the 2013 Installation & Awards Dinner for the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce. I was already looking forward to the evening because it would be my first event as a member of the Chino Valley Chamber Board of Directors, but I had no idea how amazing I would feel at the end of the night.

Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce 2013 Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award Presented to the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce

2013 Chino Business of the Year Award

While at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino for the event I thought back over the last few years.

My sister, Lacey and I founded Welborn Social Media in 2011 while we were both living at our parents house. Before that I was running my Chino Valley tutoring company, The Tutoring Solution. It was there that I encountered business owners and found they were not what I expected (greedy and self-interested people who only care about money). Instead they were people who loved what they did and were simply trying to help others.

Before that, as an educator, I felt discouraged at the lack of drive and motivation in my students. My mind began forming a theory that our societal problems stem from a lack of passion and excitement in a person’s professional life.

Our goal at Welborn Media has been shaped by these experiences. We want to help business owners who are passionate and love what they do. Why? Because, if we can help them be successful more people will try to emulate them. In our opinion, the world will be a better place if there are more people who love what they do, are good at it, and are willing to help others.

Joining the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce in January, 2012 was an easy choice: it aligned with our mission.  Through the Chamber, Lacey and I have met some phenomenal people . . . all hard-working and all willing to help others.

Since then we have developed some strong relationships. We have been managing the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Facebook page and have worked with friends of the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce: Rodell & Company, ABC Services, Alba Moesser, Los Serranos Country Club, Gotcha Covered, Beltone Hearing Aids, and Kardar Insurance.

At the end of 2012, the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce selected us to build their new website which was completed a few months ago. We have received so many complements on the new website. I know they are happy they chose us for the project.

When we decided to become a part of the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce we knew it would allow us to help businesses in our community grow. If we can help our passionate local business owners use the Internet more effectively then the people and businesses in our area will thrive. We want to introduce local businesses to the online opportunities available to them, and show them how they can maximize their efforts by developing a strong online presence for their business.

At the end of the Installation & Awards dinner the final award of the night went to the 2013 Business of the Year. Debbie Mitsch, the newly sworn in president, began, “This business started in 2011 and is very big in the social media world…” She announced “Welborn Social Media” as the 2013 Chino Hills Business of the Year. I was shocked.

There are so many successful, vibrant businesses… it is truly an honor. We are so very thankful the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce feels we were worthy of such an award.

My sister and I still have a lot of work to do to turn Welborn Media into the company we both know it can be. It’s a tremendous feeling to have others recognize the efforts and strides we have made as well as see the potential we have.

It’s amazing to see how supportive others in our community have been to us and how quickly our business has grown. Thank you to every person who had a hand in our selection as the 2013 Chino Hills Business of the Year.

Thank You!

Zeb Welborn

A Team Welborn Media Father’s Day

Welborn Media sponsors Team Welborn Media in the Fast and Furious Bowling League at Chaparral 300 in Chino Hills. The team consists of our very own Zeb Welborn plus Larry Welborn, aka Maddog, aka Dad; Annie Welborn, aka Mom; and Rocky Welborn, aka Bro; plus Grandma, aka Coach. We could not have chosen a better team to sponsor, not only because the members of the team happen to be close to my heart, but also because they were the league winners! Just one more way Welborn Media is connected to winners.

After the official season ended our league went to sweeps in the third most visited casino and resort destination in Nevada. That’s right, exciting Laughlin. Sweeps happened to fall on Father’s Day weekend. Larry, aka Dad, is truly the heart of the team. He is clutch, our most consistent player, always putting up big numbers. At sweeps on Father’s Day weekend, we knew we had to make it special.

The team plus Coach Grandma was definitely making the trip to Laughlin, but we didn’t know for sure if I (Lacey), or Larry’s sister’s Aunt Holly and Aunt Lindra would be able to come. When the time came the whole crew made it. That plus the fact that Team Welborn Media would be presented 1st place at the Fast & Furious Bowling League awards ceremony ensured that our dad would have a great Father’s Day. Zeb had an idea to make it even better. Our gift to dad would be custom Team Welborn Media Bowling Jerseys. As the designer, I was put in charge of the task.

I wanted something that represented the spirit of the team, something that spoke to the intensity and drive they have, something that would help with one of the most important assets in head to head competition . . .intimidation. It took a while to get it just right.

I took inspiration from each player.

Larry, aka Maddog


Rocky, aka Bro


Zeb, aka president of Welborn Media


Annie, aka Momma


Grandma, aka Coach


The Final Design


We surprised dad with the jerseys just before the tournament. He loved them. He wore his jersey all weekend along with his warm smile. Dad had a wonderful time in Laughlin with his family cheering him on in the most stylish shirt he’s ever worn (well since the 70s anyway).

The Whole Gang in Laughlin

The Whole Gang in Laughlin

What do you think of the jerseys? Who is easiest to recognize?

Read about Zeb’s bowling experience, The Perfect Game.

Welborn Media and the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Website

At the beginning of 2012 Welborn Media joined the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce. So far we’ve attended numerous events, given a handful of helpful presentations, met so many hardworking business leaders, and Zeb has become an Ambassador for the Chamber. Recently we were brought on to redesign the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce website.

About the Chamber:

“The Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce continues to be the largest and most comprehensive business organization in the Chino Valley speaking on behalf of its member firms. Members include a mix of companies of all sizes and industries, from entrepreneurial start-up companies to large long-established business entities. The Chino Valley is indeed “Open” to business and the Chamber works to make this community a premiere place to do business.”

We were excited to get the opportunity to create a website that would be able to benefit so many people in our own community, whether it be business owners who would like an online presence, or residents looking to find out more about businesses and events in the community.

The old Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce website was difficult to update and difficult to navigate. We wanted to make sure we gave our chamber something much more useful, for chamber members and visitors to the website alike. We decided to use WordPress as a content management system in tandem with ChamberMaster, a powerful easy-to-use member management software created specifically for chambers of commerce. By keeping the design clean and modern we were able to create a site that is easy to navigate while still representing the Chino Valley. Here are some screenshots of our chamber of commerce website design:

Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Website - Business DirectoryChino Valley Chamber of Commerce Website - Board of Directors
Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Website - Events CalendarChino Valley Chamber of Commerce Website - Join, Sign up
Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Website - About the ChamberChino Valley Chamber of Commerce Website - Home Page

Check out the new Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce website and let us know what you think!

Click over to our Clients page and scroll to the section Website Design to see some of the other websites we’ve built.

New Website – RB Production Rentals

We recently completed the RB Production Rentals new website!

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 12.42.57 PM Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 12.43.12 PM Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 12.43.54 PM Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 12.44.24 PM

We wanted to keep the vibe and feel that RB Components had already established for their Production Rentals Department on their print materials. We wanted to use large images and include galleries to really show every detail of their wonderful production trailers. Featuring the Honeywagon, the PMO, and soon, their new Wardrobe Trailers was the goal of this site.

The production trailers that RB Production Rentals manufactures include the Honeywagon and the PMO. The Honeywagon is a 53 foot long trailer with 7 talent rooms, two crew restrooms and an associate directors room.  The modern styling and high end fiberglass/aluminum steel construction make it stellar vehicle to have on set. The PMO is a 4 stall VIP restroom. Its efficient design includes more stalls, necessary for a busy production crew.  Coming soon is their Wardrobe Trailer, which is sure to be well thought out and designed and have the same high end construction.

RB Production Rentals is already at work on some of the hottest sets across the country including Califonication on Showtime, Scandal on ABC, House of Lies on Showtime, New Girl on Fox, and Justified on FX.

Check out the new website and let us know what you think!

New Website Design! Our Saviour’s Children’s Center

Welborn Media created a brand new website for Our Saviour’s Children’s Center located in Orange, CA.

We wanted to create a playful website that showcased the fun and caring environment at Our Saviour’s Children’s Center. The wonderful childcare provided here to kids in Orange, Garden Grove, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Tustin and other Orange County Cities is enriching lives. Encouraging all the children to grow spiritually, cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically from infants only 6 weeks old through kids in pre-kindergarten.

Home Page Design - Our Saviour's Children's CenterGallery Page Design | Our Saviour's Children's CenterEvents Page Design | Our Saviour's Children's CenterFooter Design | Our Saviour's Children's Center

Some of the highlights of the day care program are field trips, a Christmas program, weekly Spanish classes for 3s and 4s, Grandparents’/Loved Ones’ Day, Winter Fun Day, Thanksgiving Feast, Parents’ Night Out, Daddy & Me, and Mommy & Me. They even have Webby Dance and gymnastics as well as Soccer Shots available at this child care center.

The goal of the center and their curriculum is to eliminate stereotyping and discriminatory behavior based on gender, physical attributes, socio-economic position, race or ethnicity. Cooperation, understanding and compassion are modeled by staff and encouraged in the children.

At Welborn Media we are proud to have worked on this site for such a wonderful local business with a caring licensed staff. Please check out the website, take a look at the childcare events and the photos that show the playground, the large outdoor areas, swing set, track path, colorful kids play room, and the babies room.

If you’re interested in getting a new website, like Our Saviour’s Children’s Center, contact us to find out about our website design process and about how we can create a custom website for your business.

Email Lacey@WelbornMedia.com